Springtime walk around Black Carr Woods

In West Yorkshire, there is a small town named Pudsey. It’s just outside of Leeds and it happens to be the market town I relocated to in 2019. I haven’t been here long but during the pandemic of 2020, I have certainly got to know the town and everything it has to offer. Every day I am discovering somewhere new to explore and enjoying the beautiful countryside around us.

Today we walked around Black Carr Woods. Ask me a month ago where this is, i’d have had no clue. Turns out it’s on my doorstep. If you want to visit you can walk here from Pudsey town centre in 10 minutes or so. It’s close to Tong village, Fulneck and Troydale which also border Pudsey. Sometimes i’m not sure where to say I live since my house is in the middle of them all somehow.


The map above shows the walk I did today and hopefully will show you how to locate the walk yourself. There are many entrances. I know you can walk here from Tong village but I’ve yet to do this. Our starting point is normally The Bankhouse. A very well known Leeds pub that sadly shut down this year. I hope it reopens after lockdown, it was very popular with walkers. This is located right by The Moravian Settlement that I wrote about here recently.


An entrance close to Pudsey centre is right by The Fox & Grapes pub. I look forward to heading there for a drink and a walk once we head back to normality!


What’s great about these woods is there are plenty of different paths to take and it would take a few visits to see it all. Not sure how many as we’ve not got round it all yet, that’s for sure.


Today I decided to focus on the nature and beautiful colours around me. I love flowers and taking pictures of them. I know, i’m a bit old fashioned but I get it from my gran. I just love how bright and pretty they look. What do you think?

Bluebells are here!
Do you know what mushrooms they are?

As with a lot of woodland, you’ll find streams, countryside views and various different paths as you walk around the place.

I love how vast the place is. Today we saw less people than last weekend which was a nice peaceful change.

If you want a good walk and you live in or around Leeds then definitely head to Black Carr woods. Besides the woods, you even have Fulneck to explore next door.


Do you live locally and have any recommendations of places to walk near Pudsey? I’d love to hear about them! Please drop me a comment below.





If you are looking for other local walks nearby, here are some more places I have blogged about previously.

Walks in the Leeds area:

Fulneck Moravian Settlement
Black Carr Woods
Ilkley Moor
Otley Chevin
Fairburn Ings
Roundhay Park
Esholt Woods
Pugneys Country Park
Ilkley river
Adel Dam
Skipton to Gargrave
Malham Cove


    • Hey Sarah, you could park next to the pub named The Bankhouse. It has been closed for a few months now but you should be able to find it on Google maps hopefully. Once you park outside it you can walk down the hill opposite and this will lead you down past some kennels and to a choice of 3 ways to go. Straight on takes you to Tong village, left takes you along Fulneck golf course and right takes you to Black Carr Woods. Lots of different routes to explore, have fun πŸ™‚


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