Winter walk at Roundhay

This cold and frosty weekend I ventured just North of Leeds to visit Roundhay Park.

Not my first time here as I used to live next door in the small town of Oakwood. It never quite felt like home for me when I lived there but this time it was nice to revisit somewhere that sits in the memory bank.

For those who have never been to Roundhay Park, it’s exactly how it sounds.. One very big park.

It has a very big lake and lots and lots of greenery. Also a great spot for seeing every breed of dog you can imagine!

The beauty of Roundhay is that it’s beautiful all times of the year as with the change of seasons you get something different every time. In winter the trees glisten in the sun.

It also plays host to lots of events including the Christmas Chinese lanterns, Roundhay bonfire and this year Ed Sheeran will be setting up stage to sing to thousands (including myself).

There’s certainly enough space for it!

Easy to reach from Leeds City centre this spot is great for a nice Sunday stroll.

This weekend I explored part of the place I’d not seen before – The gardens.

Roundhay Park is a quite a large place so you could park down the bottom near the Lakeside Cafe and still be quite a hefty walk away from the top of the park where you’ll find ‘The Mansion’. But lose yourself in this pretty place as there is much to explore.

Don’t forget that a visit to Roundhay isn’t complete without a trip to Tropical World!

If you’re not familiar with the name, Tropical World is a small animal enclosure great for families and home to a variety of creatures. A butterfly sanctuary, meerkat enclosure, aquarium and creepy crawlies hideout are just a few things you’ll find here. For £7 adult entry I’d say it’s well worth an hour of your time if you love wildlife.

You can reach Roundhay by car from Leeds City centre in less than 15 minutes. The bus doesn’t take much longer than this and there are buses every 10 mins. I actually used to walk here from Leeds every day so you can even do that if you want to! But if you’re reading this and you live local to Leeds and haven’t been to Roundhay. What are you waiting for?


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