2019: Adventure is out there!

I mentioned in my last post that I’d be moving my focus back to travel for the year ahead. Besides no regrets, I have one goal for 2019 and here it is:

Live an adventurous lifestyle

Whilst most people I know would probably describe my yolo approach to life as adventurous anyway, I’ve not been focussing on the right things for myself over the last couple of years. You can read more about that here.

This year I want to take away the focus on things society makes you believe you should be doing in your late 20s and concentrate on just enjoying myself whilst I still can. I’m going to spend my weekends having fun, seeing the world and trying new things in 2019.

So here’s what I’m going to do this year that I’m really excited about!

Celebrate in style

Every year I travel to various spots in Europe and always take one big adventure towards the end of the year to celebrate my birthday. I take great joy in choosing a destination to spend my birthday as half the fun for me is in the planning process!

Last year I finally had the pleasure of visiting Austria which had been on my travel wishlist for many years. It took a backseat whilst I explored Asia, USA and my favourite country, Italy. This year I want to go somewhere NEW and BIG. I’ve already thought about this one and I’m really excited at the possibility of where I could end up. I’m not going to spill the beans just yet but I have one week for a new adventure and I’m going to make it a good one. So the planning I’ve been doing lately for this will kick start my list.


Blog, blog, blog

I like writing. In order to write I have to do something that I enjoy even more than writing… Explore. Exploring new places gives me something to write about. SO my next goal is kind of a big deal. I want to leave no week wasted. There are only 52 weekends, that’s only 52 places a year. So, I want to visit somewhere worth writing about every single week of 2019. If I can’t make it out somewhere for some reason then I think it’s important to carry on writing even if it’s just a ramble here and there. So look out for weekly posts this year!


Challenge myself to the extreme!

There’s a few things I’ve wanted to try for a while now including but not limited to rock climbing and skydiving. I’m hoping that I can get involved in these this year to push myself and try something new. On top of this I want to run my first 5k or 10k run. I’ll need to improve on my fitness and start teaching myself to jog again but it gives me something to work on. I’d also like to focus on my strength and increase what I can lift. I like the way getting fit makes me feel both mentally and physically.

Explore the dark side of tourism

Visiting Kupari Resort last year in Croatia was a real eye opener and new experience for me. I love learning about history even if it is mostly bleak. I think it’s a really good way of learning about what has shaped our lives of today. In April I have plans to visit Ukraine and it is here I’ll take the time to visit Chernobyl for a glance at a significant piece of history.



I haven’t slept in a tent since I travelled around Australia. I want to try out camping again but this time in the UK. Last year I did glamping which isn’t quite the same but it was fun nonetheless. Some more glamping, outdoor adventures and new camping experiences are on the horizon for 2019.


Move mountains

Last year I climbed two mountains in Austria and Germany. It was amazing because I love hiking! When I went to do one of Yorkshire’s three peaks, my plans fell through. It would be nice to find some time to do that this year instead. I want to do some good hikes and push myself physically to walk further and higher than I have done before.

Dust off the bike

My bike has had a puncture for well over a year now and that has literally been my excuse to not get it out of the shed. I love cycling and I miss my bike rides. So this year I want to change that and start cycling again because I love the feeling cycling brings me.


Venture high and low

I wrote a post last year about my plans to explore the United Kingdom starting with the places local to me in Yorkshire. You can read all about it here.

I plan to continue with this and there are still various big cities in the UK I’ve never visited. I hope to get to see these places this year or at least explore more of Scotland and Wales.

Adventure is out there…

Now it’s time to find it πŸ™‚

  1. Go somewhere epic for my 29th birthday
  2. Visit a place worth writing about every week
  3. Step out of my comfort zone and push myself to the limit
  4. Explore the darker side of tourism
  5. Experience the great outdoors by glamping and camping
  6. Hike & Bike
  7. Get to know what’s on my doorstep







  1. Sounds like you’ve got a busy year planned for 2019. Like the sound of 52 mini-adventures over 52 weekends, be great if you could do that.


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