What does the new year bring for me?

I’ve opened up my laptop tonight for the first time in weeks just because I really feel like sitting down and doing some writing. But what do you write about on a travel blog when you’ve not travelled anywhere lately?

Well that’s the beauty of a travellers mind, you never stop thinking about the endless places you want to visit next and the spots you’ve been previously.

But my life isn’t all about travel and in fact I live a very ordinary ‘stuck in the rat race’ kind of routine life. But I choose to do this because it brings the money in and it allows me to go on all the adventures you hear me writing about!

So besides the usual personal goals of mine for this year I’ve also decided to set myself some travel specific goals to get me out and about in 2019! I’m taking my blog back to basics with keen travel goals that inspire me to go back to my roots.


I’ve been looking at my goals over the last few years and it seems travel has taken a bit of a backseat in my mind. I’ve been focussing on the usual things a 20 something year old would normally focus on.. house, career, car etc. Perhaps I have been accidently shifting my focus to things that I thought would make me happy when really I should have been channelling my energy in to the thing I love the most… ADVENTURE.

So I’m creating my 2019 travel to do list and I’m going to publish it shortly on a separate post that has less of my rambling next to it.

But for now, I’m going to ramble..

This year I have left a lot of things in the past. There are certain things from 2018 that I don’t actually want to remember and so they are staying exactly where they should.. In the past. Whilst I achieved all of my goals in 2018, it didn’t make me any happier as such. Therefore I think that’s pretty obvious what that means… I’m setting the wrong goals.

As much as I have loved getting fit and healthy, and I’m sure I’ll continue to improve on this as time passes by, I think it’s time to start ticking things off a wish list rather than just attempting to smash resolutions.

So after reading back through the years on all the goals I’ve set, I’ve decided that I just need to set one goal.

End the year with no regrets

I am so sick of worrying about every decision I make. I’m sick of feeling the constant regret like I have made the wrong decision about something. Instead of just enjoying the moment I’m too busy worrying about the knock on effect something will have on my future.

I need to stop doing this because it’s really frustrating. I might set travel goals to keep me focussed on some fun things I want to do in 2019, that’s fine.. But there are certain goals we set in our lives that I believe come predominantly from society and put far too much pressure on us. And now I can say with experience, these are especially prominent when approaching 30.

I’ve started the new year with a flying start by jumping in to a new job in a completely different sector to what I’m used to. Whilst I’m still young and free, I want to use this time to really develop my skills and learn as much as I can. I think it’s the best time to build up industry knowledge and focus on what I might want from a career. It’s been a goal of mine for years but since I never know completely what I’m looking for, it’s a hard one to achieve! All I care about is that I’m happy and that I am challenged enough to be learning new things throughout the week. I’ve learnt from 2018 that I want to be kept on my toes but not overworked to breaking point. I have no idea what will come of 2019 but I’ve decided to shift my focus to making the most of my spare time outside of work so that it’s worth working for the money I am about to spend in the first place!

I want to say yes to as many opportunities that arise in 2019 and end the year with no regrets about things I should have done or places I should have been!

I’m lucky to be in a happy healthy relationship which allows me to go on adventures weekly with someone I love spending time with. Previous years have taught me to be eternally grateful for this and it is definitely something I’m really excited about for 2019.

I’ve written this post as a reminder to myself that I have a lot to look forward to and no reason to look back. This year I want to make the most of the opportunities that are in my lap and the people I have to share my time with.

Here’s to 2019 and a positive start to the year. Even if I have been ill for the most part of it so far!


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