A weekend doing… Nothing at all.

I took these photos last weekend in Esholt Woods, West Yorkshire. One of my favourite places to walk, it’s so peaceful. Some people will look at this photo and think eugh, I hate walking whilst others will think ooh I wanna explore that!

For me, as a lover of nature, the outdoors and adventure, I can’t imagine not being able to explore new places with my free time. These people you meet who don’t like walking and just like to sit in their house watching Netflix all day.. This absolutely baffles me 😲 Do you know there is a beautiful world out there?

This weekend flu has finally caught me 😣 It has been years since I had any time off work for toothache so I can’t even remember how long ago it was since I last caught the flu. It is hell. I forgot just how bad it feels until I’m crying, coughing and yelling please kill me it hurts too much!

Well, I’ve spent all weekend inside lying around feeling sorry for myself. I’ve watched far too much TV and had probably too much medicine. On the plus side I’ve done some planning for new places to visit this year and booked some hotels for our adventures.

I have a new appreciation for just being well and healthy. I can’t wait to go outside again and just breathe in fresh air and go on a new adventure! What a waste of a weekend this has been!

We only get 52 weekends before one more year has passed and we’re not getting any younger. Do you make yours count or do you spend every weekend doing the same thing and just passing your life away? Some people enjoy that, so if it makes you happy, continue! But if you’re reading this and can’t remember the last time you got out there and did something different, it’s never too late to change old habits.


  1. Complete waste of time sitting in every weekend watching TV in my opinion, much better to get outside exploring somewhere new and having a few experiences. Seems sad not to but each to their own I guess. Hope you’re getting over the dreaded flu now, not nice at all.


    • I already feel like I waste enough time every evening watching TV whilst the days are short! Can’t imagine doing it all weekend as well, there would be nothing to look forward to at the end of the week if so. I’m still battling it, cannot wait to be back to myself again!

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