2018: My year in travel


Whilst 2018 wasn’t my biggest year for travel I certainly got myself out and about in Europe! So I thought it would be fun to have a quick look back on my year and what I got up to over the last 12 months.

If you want to read more about my adventures you can click on the pink links embedded within.

January – Gran Canaria, Spain

I kicked off the year with a cheap weekend break down to Gran Canaria. It was an absolute bargain costing me less than £80 for my accommodation and flights! I took minimal spending money with me and still managed to see a lot of the island. It was the perfect kick off to the year and you can read about it in some of my previous posts here:

3 nights on The Canary Islands

Maspalomas – Gran Canaria

City of Arucas

My favourite memory of this place was trudging through the sand dunes!

Maspalomas sand dunes in Gran Canaria

I didn’t jet off again for a few months but I was pretty preoccupied with my fitness journey! I focused on my job and hanging out with friends old and new so luckily I didn’t notice the gap between my two visits to Spain.

May – Salou, Spain

This 3 night stay was meant to be a random short stint of sun, drinks and crazy nights out with my friends. It was definitely that but actually I loved the trip so much that I didn’t return home after 3 nights! I didn’t bother getting on the flight and headed back to the hotel for another 3 nights!

I had such an amazing time out there that I’m returning again this May too.


This was my first all inclusive holiday as an adult and sipping unlimited amounts of gin by the pool is definitely something I enjoy! Cannot wait for my trip again in 2019.


In between holidays I did some good local hikes and walks around Yorkshire before popping across the pond in July.

July – Dublin, Ireland

We were only going for the day but we weren’t expecting to be caught in a hideous storm!

It rained all day for my friend and I’s short stay in Dublin! Good job the flights were dirt cheap, guess we have an excuse to revisit this year now.

A day in Dublin


August – Dubrovnik, Croatia

A last minute invitation to a wedding saw me visiting a new country for me with Croatia! I am so glad I went because not only was it a beautiful country with lots to see but I had an absolute blast with the great people I went with.


Of course being part of a wedding party you’re going to know quite a few people but this was such a great opportunity for me to get to know new people in my life and spend time with good friends i’ve not seen for a few years.

I got more comfortable swimming in the sea especially with friends and it was great to see such beautiful views in the lovely Dubrovnik.

Swimming in Dubrovnik

4 nights in Dubrovnik, Croatia

September – Ultimate Eurotrip

Check out all my posts from my trip here.


I’ve been planning a trip to Austria for absolutely years now and 2018 was when it finally happened! I visited Vienna and Salzburg and had an absolutely amazing time exploring. I climbed my first mountain and finally cycled around the sights of one of my favourite movies The Sound of Music.

16 going on 17…

I stopped off at Bratislava in Slovakia which turned out to be my favourite hidden gem. I’ve never had a desire to visit but this little place was beautiful and I really enjoyed my time here.

Looking out on Bratislava from the castle

I also visited a few parts of Germany including Burchtesgaden, Munich and Nuremberg. Many beautiful cities and outstanding views when I climbed to the top of the Eagle’s Nest in Bavaria!

Eagles Nest - Bavaria
Eagles Nest – Bavaria

My Eurotrip was awesome and one of the highlights of 2018 for me as I saw so many unforgettable sights in the two weeks.

Nuremberg, Germany

October – Glamping

One jam packed October I kicked it off with a trip to Ingleborough.

My first time ever glamping! Box Tree Farm glamping is where we headed for a little weekend exploring the countryside in Lancashire. I loved this experience and I can’t wait to do more things like this in 2019.

Box Tree Farm Glamping
Box Tree Farm Glamping

A weekend away – Glamping!

It was a great location to enjoy some beautiful walks like the Ingleton Waterfalls trail:



Walking the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Paris Business Trip

My first ever all expenses paid trip! I was sent to Disneyland Paris as part of my job to help with marketing and communications. I got to take my sisters with me and take as many snaps of Disney as possible! What an opportunity!

Disneyland Paris

Whitby Goth Weekend

My first ever time doing Goth weekend and long overdue! I don’t even think i’ve been to Whitby before so I already have plans to visit again in 2019!


My first Whitby Goth Weekend!

December – London

One final city break to end the year and we had to make it an epic one. Sometimes you just can’t beat London! You might have read my recent posts about the Christmas markets I visited at the start of the month. I absolutely loved visiting London at Christmas time and it will definitely be made an annual thing going forward.

Feeding birds in Hyde Park
Feeding birds in Hyde Park

A Christmassy weekend in London!

Christmas in London – A guide to the festive markets

This year was an epic one. So many things changed in my life but for the better. I met someone really special who i’ve had the pleasure of exploring lots of the UK with and I can’t wait to venture further afield with him in 2019.


Of course not everything was rosy in 2018 even if it sounds like it was! A few things broke me in June but turned out to be a minor setback. It ended up being a blessing in disguise in the end but sometimes you can’t always see that at the time.

Not every destination I travelled to was fabulous. It rained nearly the entire time I was in Austria, the first night glamping and all day in Dublin! I really disliked Vienna and had times I wanted to cut my Eurotrip short.



  1. What a year for you Sophie, you’ve travelled a lot and seen so many great places. Particularly loved following your european trip around Germany and Austria even with the rain. Hope you get to see a whole host of new places this year.


  2. Sophie happy new year! That was plenty of travel! I would love to go to Ireland and Spain, too, and do glamping as well. Thanks to your Germany and Austria posts last year, they’ve helped in planning for our Bavarian trip last December. 🙂


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