Dear diary..

This blog was created a long time ago as a journal for writing down my thoughts and experiences as I travelled around the world. Often it was treated like a diary for me to one day look back on and remember what I was up to day by day. As I’ve got older, as you can imagine, my style of writing has adapted and changed just like my style of travel has too!

Over the years I’ve gone from backpacking solo as a teenager to hiking up mountains as a thirty-something with my dog. You’ll notice my writing style alters as much as my adventures do. Here you’ll find a combination of diary entries, reviews, articles and recommendations.

The migration from a previous blogging platform to this WordPress has meant a lot of my content doesn’t display correctly. Due to the sheer volume of content, this won’t be updated. If you do happen to stumble upon any content written before 2017, I apologise for the poor layout and any compatibility issues you may experience.

Whilst looking back on old content does make me want to apologise for my style of writing and casual approach back then – I was very young and these ‘diary’ entries give me a chance to relive those experiences. If you’d like to delve in to the archives too – Feel free to explore them all below.

My Latest Snaps: