One very wet day in Salzburg

Well it’s day 3 in Salzburg for me and unfortunately the weather seems to be getting worse. This means no hiking, no biking and definitely no climbing every mountain!

It is such a shame because i deliberately booked extra time here because I knew there was so much I wanted to do. But I guess I should stop dwelling on it and attempt to use my days off wisely. One thing I can do on a rainy day, is write! So I’ll be publishing some content over the next few days as I play catch up with my blogging.

This morning I wandered around the gift shops and visited The Sound of Music World museum. I don’t want to completely waste my days so if anybody has any recommendations please send them my way!

I’m currently nestled in the corner of a cafe which feels like I’m in a theatre. Its called Shakespeare and it’s very reasonably priced!

Just ordered lunch of Schnitzel and noodles.. Sound familiar?


  1. Oh No. What a nightmare Sophie. It’s a wonderful city but I bet it doesn’t look anything in such bad weather. You might have to find a bar somewhere to let loose and drown your sorrows.


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