Salzburg.. I finally made it!

So I realise I’ve been writing a lot of recommendations, food and hostel articles and just general travel articles. That’s probably a mix of my journalism degree and my career influencing my writing right there. But I’m going to take it back to why I created this blog originally a few years ago. I used to keep it as a travel journal of all the things I was upto. I’ve not really done that on this Eurotrip or lately but I always find it interesting to read back on when I do. So I want to get back in to it.

I’ll still expand on the attractions separately as normal as some of the places I visited really deserve their own special mention. But here’s my last 2 days in Salzburg and what I’ve done so far!

So I jumped on a train I’d booked from Vienna to Salzburg on Sunday morning. The train journey was pretty cool. Only just over 2 hours but I could tell it would have been a beautiful scenic journey to watch had the weather of been better. Still I grabbed the window seat and admired the view.

It was only after about 5 minutes of being in Salzburg I knew 100% that I loved it here. I’ve wanted to visit for many years and as soon as I arrived I could tell why. It is such a quaint little city with so much to look at and really one of a kind.

I headed straight for the hostel without doing any sightseeing and trying not to look at too much! I had booked to stay at Yoho International Hostel just a short walk from the station. I found it really easily and upon check in found I was too early to go to my room so grabbed one of the free maps and started planning my next few days.

Straight away I was glad i’d booked to stay 4 nights. I could tell there was a lot to do here and i’d have a job fitting it all in otherwise. I started working out my plans when a guy I recognised from the hostel in Bratislava came over! We got chatting and then before I knew it another girl was also chatting to us. She’d been here a few days so she gave me some tips on what I should visit whilst here.

With my first day being the only day forecast to not have thunderstorms I decided I better not waste it and after setting all my stuff down I got my gear on and headed for a hike. The hostel mentioned a hike you could do through the area close by called Kapuzinerberg. I had no idea where I was going but figured I’d be able to find my way easy enough. A few hours of walking and I absolutely loved it. I took so many photos I’m actually going to write a separate post about the hike and what you can expect as it really was great!

The hostel I’m staying at is ‘Sound of Music’ mad and they play the movie every night in the common room. Of course I thought I’d join in and was surprised at how many people were crammed in watching the movie and singing along! Who knew there could be that many super fans in one room hey?

Today I got up early, ready and raring to go for the Sound of Music Panorama tour! One of the biggest reasons I came to the city was to see the sights made famous by the movie. I really do love the story of the Von Trapp family and so the tour was a must for me. I didn’t think I would meet anyone on the tour as I just expected to be submerged in sights but actually I ended up meeting a girl from Melbourne, Australia and we spent the day together! It was good because we helped each other to take photos.

After the tour we walked up to the Abbey where the original Maria lived. This was pretty cool as the gates were open for us to explore and you can see across Salzburg from here too.

We walked around Salzburg afterwards and visited the iconic gardens to play around and take stupid photos reanacting the movie of course!

It was good to have some company so I could try the local cuisine again. Today I tried Apfelstrudel and Schnitzel for the first time in Austria. I’ll be posting about this shortly! The church behind me is the wedding venue for Maria in the movie also. What a great place to try Apfelstrudel for the first time.

It was a pretty awesome 24 hours to be honest! But after we’d eaten and I’d woken up from my brisk nap I actually headed for the castle. Hard to miss this place as like the one in Bratislava and Prague, it towers over the city!

I managed to hit it at dusk where there was next to no people there. Another thing I’m going to blog about, I have so much to tell! A perfect end to another great day in Salzburg.

Tonight I’ve met a few new people and they’ve also talked about where they recommend visiting. I have just 2 full days left in Salzburg so tomorrow I hope to head further afield and visit the famous Eagles Nest. We’ll see whether I stick to the plan or not!

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