Where to eat in Bucharest, Romania

Since one of the only things I did during my recent trip to Bucharest was eat and drink my weight in sugar, it’s only fair I blog about some of the places I found on my trip.

All of the restaurants and bars I visited had different things to offer and I’d recommend them all for different reasons. So here’s my brief guide to grabbing a bite in the city.

  1. Les Bourgeois – Cafe/Bistro

Located in the centre of Old town, this small cosy restaurant has a very local traditional feel and nice interior setting. There is a very large outdoor space for anyone wanting to smoke or enjoy the sunshine whilst being sheltered during winter. Dishes on offer include very low priced steaks and traditional Romanian meals.

Steak with salad and Salmon Pasta

Why visit? ~ This restaurant was a lot more relaxed in comparison to the others on a Saturday. Choose here if you want a quieter setting. The food was great but the only downfall was the service was slow.

  1. Noa Restoclub

A little more upmarket, evident in the prices, you’ll find this steak and burger restaurant just off the hustle and bustle of central Old Town. The restaurant was nicely decorated, friendly and offered a variety of meat dishes.

Why visit? ~ If you’re in the mood for a burger and don’t mind a heftier price tag, this place hits the spot. Great quality food and a nice setting with very tasty mocktails.

  1. Cismigui – Bistro La Etaj

Located on the 6th floor of Hotel Cismigui you’ll find this gem. I can’t comment on the dinner service here as I only visited for breakfast staying in the hotel. However, the unique decor really makes this place worth a visit if you want those ‘Insta-worthy’ shots. As a lover of all things pink I loved the French-chic decor here.

Why visit? With a 6th floor view of Bucharest including the famous Palace and a chance to have a teddy bear companion, what’s not to love?

  1. Club Bound

A quirky bar in central Old Town featuring cool signage and an extensive drinks menu. We stopped here for a few drinks and I enjoyed a delightful iced coffee. This place turns into a nightclub on an evening but is very chilled midweek.

Why visit? ~ Lots of choice when it comes to drinks and a quirky setting to enjoy them in.

  1. Journey Garden

Outside of Old town but still within walking distance, this place definitely takes the crown for one of the coolest places I’ve ever had a drink at! Surrounded by real plants it’s like sitting in a rainforest.

Why visit? ~ An amazingly unique setting to enjoy a drink from their extensive selection on offer!

  1. Private Hell Rock Club

For anyone keen to listen to very heavy rock metal then this is the bar for you! Located in Old Town, this was by miles the cheapest place I visited in the city.

Why visit? ~ You need to be a fan of rock or metal or you’ll probably not like this place. Whilst it’s a simple bar, it offers ridiculously low priced drinks!

  1. Paine Si Vin

Just outside of the busy streets but an easy location to get to, you’ll find this casual deli. With a wood fired oven they offer a variety of homemade pizzas and cheese/deli boards.

Why visit? ~ This place has the facilities of an expensive restaurant but with a casual setting meaning prices are low. Good food if you fancy a high quality meal!

These are the places I visited during my time in Bucharest in March 2023. This is not an endorsement post and hopefully helps you decide where to stop by if you plan to visit anytime soon.

~ Visited Burcharest, Romania in March 2023

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