Walking the Coastal Broadwalk in Paphos, Cyprus

If you regularly read my blog you’ll know I love a good coastal path!

Well Cyprus did not disappoint.

If you’d like to stretch your legs and go for a scenic coastal walk then there is a good one you can do from Paphos Harbour and as always, I would highly recommend it.

The great thing about this one is there are 2 directions you can walk in and both ways lead to delightful scenery with things to admire each way.

Let’s start with the coastal walk that begins at Paphos Castle. It’s easy to find because as soon as you reach the castle, you just start walking along the coastal front.

You can walk this stretch for 3km before you end up at The Tomb of Kings. A historical spot I wrote about here. Just be warned, you can’t enter from this spot, this is an exit only so you’ll need to cut through a beautiful hotel to get to the road if you intend to visit the site.

The coastal walk is a very smooth path with plenty of space for walkers and even more perfect for cycling. Sadly you can’t take your dog along here so it’s a good job Newkee wasn’t away with me!

Along the way you’ll come across various sculptures. It’s like a little art trail it seems.

You will walk past the archaeological park that I wrote about here also and you’ll even be able to spot the lighthouse as you stroll. There is no entry in to the historical site from this path however.

We stopped at a cafe along the walk located on the beachfront. It did the most refreshingly delicious vanilla milkshake and I couldn’t resist having 2 of these before we set off again!

Lighthouse Sandy Beach

Eventually you’ll reach the end of the stretch and see some luxurious hotels, a 5* paradise. A very quiet area but in a perfect location for strolling along to Paphos Harbour if you get itchy feet.

If you like the sound of luxury resorts and beautiful decor then you’ll love walking in the opposite direction. This time from Paphos Harbour you’ll walk the opposite way of the castle and continue along the coastal path for a good few miles. There is nothing along this stretch other than luxury hotels.

With that said, it’s a very peaceful walk with nice scenery.

I enjoyed admiring the hotels grounds and had definitely heard of most of them with me working in the travel industry.

We even stopped for another milkshake from one of the local bars. Surprisingly not too pricey given the location but definitely not as good as my last one!

This walk is a bit longer than the other direction and it will lead you to this building known as St Nicholas Church. We didn’t go inside but it looked nice from the outside and marked the end of the coastal path.

On our way back we continued along the same path. This time enjoying the sunset as we timed it well.

I’d say you get a good few hours of walking if you are to walk both ways. We did each direction on separate days and definitely were feeling it on our feet. Especially when you have the hot weather to battle with also.

I hope to one day return and next time be staying in one of these lovely hotels!

Visited Paphos in November 2019

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