A trip to Fairburn Ings RSPB Nature Reserve

Before the rain began to pour in England we enjoyed our last sunny day in a new location.

A day trip to an RSPB Nature Reserve we’d not yet been to called Fairburn Ings. Not far from St Aidens that we went to at the start of the year and I wrote about here. Located near Castleford on the outskirts of Leeds it was a short drive from home.

We took Newkee of course and she was just happy to be out exploring again!

There are a number of different trails you can take here ranging from 1 mile to about 3.

We decided to go for the Coal Tips trail as it was recommended by the staff there for the good views. Beforehand we actually ended up walking the Discovery Trail by accident!

This was a very short trail with ponds and a hide along the way. Newkee seemed to enjoy it at least!

We liked the views across the countryside from the hide.

I loved that we were able to spot dragonflies too!

We then started again and headed for the Coal Tips trail.

We met a lot of dogs along the way! Lots of new friends for ours.

Whilst we saw some nice views along the way here I must admit this has been my least favourite RSPB nature reserve so far.

Did we walk the Coal Tips trail? Who knows! Because there were no signs.

It was so unclear which way we were meant to be going due to the lack of signposting that’s why we ended up walking the discovery trail before the one we wanted as we didn’t even realise!

We had a nice walk on a lovely day.

But not really knowing whether we were on the right path and the fact we definitely saw more dogs than birds made me quite surprised this was an RSPB nature reserve. Compared with the others it definitely lacked the same features.

But in all, it was still enjoyable and a great place to take your pup!

Say yes to new adventures!

Visited RSPB Fairburn Ings – September 2019.


  1. Looks like a nice walk but it’s always disappointing when these places don’t have adequate signs. Much better to know where you’re going and what there is to see. Good dog walking place though.

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  2. We preferred St Aidens. You’re a little closer to the water and I like the old machinery (I forget what it is). That said, If I hadn’t had the distraction of kids and had had my binoculars it may have been better as it’s still pleasant enough.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are right! Whilst it was okay, I’ve been to 5 centres now and this was my least favourite unfortunately. Great that you discovered them in lockdown. I think it’s a shame there aren’t more in the Yorkshire area as I’ve run out of ones to go to! I might need to venture a little further perhaps next time ☺️


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