St. Aidan’s – My first visit to an RSPB Nature Reserve!

It was the first day of 2019 and of course that means it is time for a good walk!

The weather was absolutely perfect, blue sky and as sunny as it can possibly be for a crisp winters day. I’m sure you can tell by the photos.


We didn’t have a plan for how we wanted to spend the first day of the year so I got out my Google Maps list of saved places to visit in Yorkshire and chose one that wasn’t too far of a drive from us.

We decided on RSPB’s St. Aidan’s Nature Reserve. With no idea what to expect we pulled into the car park and were lucky to get a parking spot given that we later leaned New Years Day is one of their busiest times for visitors!

The nature reserve is located a short drive from Leeds city centre not far from Castleford. Entrance is free however you should expect to pay £4 for parking. On our visit we decided to join RSPB and pay the £4 monthly membership instead. This includes parking and allows us to visit more of the reserves throughout 2019 as well as donating to charity!


There are a few different routes to explore here all varying in gradient and length. We opted for the purple trail around 3 miles. Unfortunately I regretted not taking my wellies or hiking boots!


A perfect setting for wildlife and of course a great opportunity for bird spotting if this is your thing. We aren’t quite bird spotters yet but I do love to admire the different types and take lots of photos!


I really enjoyed the walk as it was peaceful and very open with far reaching views. My favourite part was when we spotted three deer hopping through the grass! You might be able to spot them in this photo I took if you look carefully.


Now that i’m a member of RSPB I hope to visit reserves all over the country as I love a good walk and if it involves wildlife then that’s always a bonus!


How did you spend the first day of 2019?



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