One winters day at RSPB Minsmere

My gran lives in Halesworth which is a small town in Suffolk. We are down visiting for the weekend and since we have nearly been RSPB members for a whole year it’s time to visit one more nature reserve before 2019 ends.

We chose RSPB Minsmere for our Suffolk visit yesterday. This is the fifth RSPB reserve we’ve visited so far and if you are interested in reading about the rest just click the above link or I’ve popped some links at the bottom of this post 🙂

It was a sunny crisp winter day and thankfully no rain this time.

Sadly there’s no dogs allowed on the nature trails here so we were lucky not to have Newkee with us this time.

Its a bit more pricey this centre being £9 per adult! But luckily if you’re a member you get in for free so it’s definitely worth the £48 annual charge for two of you.

The reserve has 3 seperate trails to follow and some of them have alternate routes to go on also. We couldn’t explore all of them this time due to flooding but they are easily signposted and outlined on the maps.

All routes range from 1 mile to 2 miles so there is a good choice depending on how far you want to walk.

The hides here are interesting as they are lookouts elevated for the best view.

We didn’t spot a whole lot of birds but we never stay in the hides quite long enough for bird watching.

View from the lookout

Interesting facts about the Marsh Harriers being only found here at one point!

It was good to be able to follow a route through the woods this time as we haven’t come across that at a RSPB Nature Reserve before.

I loved that you could spot different things in the woods, mostly aimed at children but a good little feature. Look out for this lovely lady..

It was also the first RSPB where we could go down to the beach however this bit was flooded unfortunately.. Maybe next time.

Finally on our way out we had the pleasure of spotting our first Munjac.

Meet Doh the deer!

A local resident of this reserve.

Can you spot the Robin too?

How cute is she! I’ve never seen one of these before and it was definitely a nice end to our visit.

One of the best things we did in 2019 is join the RSPB. We’ve had lots of fun visiting the centres and enjoying the different walks.

For just £4 per month you can become a member. You can get 2 people on your membership so for just £2 each you get free entry to all RSPB Nature reserves up and down the country. This price includes parking and a magazine sent out to you every few months too. We even got a free gift when we joined too! And the added bonus is you are actually donating to charity by becoming a member! So what are you waiting for?

RSPB wolf at Minsmere

If you need some more inspiration read about some of the other RSPB centres I have visited this year:

RSPB Fairburn Ings

RSPB Bempton Cliffs

RSPB St Aidans

RSPB Saltholme

Visited RSPB Minsmere in December 2019

This is not a sponsored post I genuinely enjoy visiting RSPB Nature reserves and highly recommend becoming a member.

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