A visit to RSPB Saltholme

Last weekend we took a trip to Northumberland! Amongst the many things we managed to visit in just the two days we were there (blogging to follow soon) we managed to fit in a nature reserve.

Trying to make the most of our RSPB membership we figured whilst in Northumberland let’s drop by the local centre.

Having only been to one RSPB nature reserve – St Aidan’s back in January, we only had that to compare it to.

We were impressed right from the start with the friendly knowledgeable volunteers greeting us in the centre. We were told a great deal about the birds, what had been occurring that day and what we could expect from our visit.

From the moment you enter you can glance at the scenery from the centre and do some birdwatching up close.

Whilst it is an RSPB centre and we do like birds, we aren’t bird enthusiasts so we mostly go for the walks. Seeing wildlife and birds in this kind of environment is just a bonus along the way for us.

RSPB centres are a great opportunity to learn about nature or to just enjoy a peaceful walk away from everything.

Saltholme has a few trails to choose from all fairly short. We walked only around 1 mile but there was plenty to admire along the way.

I absolutely loved the little sculptures you find dotted around this place! Really brightens up the land and just offers something that bit different.

I especially loved the Mad Hatters tea party! I got far too excited about this.

A few hides are here for prime bird watching and being an RSPB centre they are well maintained.

There is also the opportunity to do some simple fishing with nets too if you want.

This reserve is located not far from seal sands where you can go for an opportunity to see some seals too.

If you’re interested in all animals rather than just birds then I’d definitely check it out. There are some really great things to explore in Northumberland and I definitely enjoyed my first trip here.

We want to visit more RSPB nature reserves to get the most out of our membership. Can you recommend one?


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