A little country in the city..

My blog has gone a bit quiet over the last few weeks with me moving house and starting a new job.. As to be expected!

But on Tuesday we finally took the time to explore the area we’ve just moved to.

In February we took the plunge and bought a house! You can read all about that here if you want to.

This time I was to move away from my countryside hometown of Ilkley and relocate to the city of Leeds.

Bridgewater Place, Leeds – The tallest building in Yorkshire

Of course I’ve lived in Leeds many times, various parts of the city centre and outskirts. But this time it feels different as buying a house is a very different story. You can’t just hop on to the next place as soon as you fancy it.

So at first I was a bit gutted to be moving to the city as my love of walking definitely makes me a country girl. If I could have afforded to buy in my hometown I would have done since Ilkley is beautiful!

Cow and Calf rocks – Ilkley, West Yorkshire

So we moved to the market town of Pudsey. Only a short distance from Leeds City centre by car, train or bus and if you were feeling ambitious you could even walk!

Its a very convenient location from work and all the benefits of a city but without the price of having to live in it.. Perfect.

So imagine my surprise when I stepped in to my back garden to find a view of… The countryside!

The view from my house (on a cloudy day) – Picture doesn’t do it justice!

If I walk to the bottom of my street I suddenly find myself feeling in the middle of nowhere with houses far and few between.

Carry on walking and there are public footpaths, fields, a stream, farms, horses and even donkeys!

We went for a wander just down one of the trails in a loop leading back to the house.

I’m so happy to be located in such a peaceful area and I actually can’t wait to start jogging here now the days are getting lighter.

Constantly proving the point that you don’t need to travel far because there is always somewhere to explore on your doorstep!

**just a reminder, there are no photo credits on my blog because all photographs were taken by me. Please credit this website if you wish to use any you find. Thanks.

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