Fish by the sea at Southwold, Suffolk

Last week I visited my gran down in Suffolk. She lives in Halesworth which is a very small village not far from the coast and a short drive from Southwold.

It was lovely and sunny so as we always do we planned to go out for the day. I chose Southwold, a place I’ve visited before and a nice pleasant location where I knew we could enjoy the sunshine by the sea.

Southwold has a lot to offer with its pier and long stretch of beach, restaurants, cafes, shops and spots to take a stroll.

The beach huts along the sea front, my gran told me are owned by holidaymakers, who I’m sure love the seaside!

The colours of the little huts sure do stand out and light up the beach from the pier.

Quite the opposite from the grey lifeless town of Lowestoft I blogged about earlier this week. Have a read if you want to learn more here.

If you take a walk along the pier you’ll find a few places you can get a bite to eat and a quirky little gift shop. It’s a good place to look back at the beach huts and lighthouse too.

You’ll even catch a few things that had me very amused. A rather strange looking fountain and a wall of mirrors!

After our walk we headed away from the coast and in to the town to find a lunch spot. We found ourselves at a restaurant called Coasters.

They serve lunch until 2.30pm midweek so we ordered from the lunch menu. We were both pretty pleased to find somewhere we could get a nice sandwich and especially fancied fish being so close by the sea!

So of course we both ordered the fish goujon sandwich which was absolutely delicious and majorly filling!

One added bonus, with me being a bit of a gin fanatic, was the 150 different gins on offer! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much choice! Of course I went for the too familiar pink gin but tried Adnams version with Elderflower tonic.. Fruity!

All full up from the grub we headed back towards the beach and back to the car.

Southwold is a really great place to go for the day, especially if you’re in the local area. It is one of the little gems of Suffolk with its pretty beach and large variety of good food places on offer.

On a sunny day it is picture perfect!


  1. Southwold is such a beautiful little town isn’t it? Been housesitting up that way and love the Suffolk coast. Forgot about the pier though, may have to go back for some fish’n chips now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m at 31 at the moment but it gets tougher the more you get to with there being less to choose from πŸ™‚ Still good fun though. Thanks for visiting!


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