Lowestoft – Suffolk’s forgotten coastal town?

Coastal towns are always great to visit and in my opinion some of the most beautiful places in England! Take a look at these photographs I took recently and you’ll probably agree.

Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Staithes, North Yorkshire
Southwold, Suffolk
Whitby, North Yorkshire

Okay so perhaps that’s a little biased since most of those pictures are from North Yorkshire and Yorkshire is always pretty! But my point is, coastal towns are picturesque.

So it’s always a shame for me to see coastal towns that don’t quite fit the bill.

Last year we visited Morecambe in Lancashire. You can read about my trip here.

Well, it wasn’t quite what we were expecting and whilst it wasn’t blue sky’s and pretty beaches we still managed to find a bit of beauty there.

Lowestoft on the other hand, I’m still looking for it. I’ve been visiting Lowestoft for many many years, since childhood actually, as this is where some of my family live. But I’ve always struggled to find much to see or do here.

Lowestoft – Stroll along the deserted sea front

There are plenty of shops here however a lot of them look to be closing down or neglected.

Lowestoft high street

Its quite clear there is no money for upkeep of this part of Suffolk. Especially when you compare it with the neighbouring coastal towns of Aldeburgh, Southwold and Great Yarmouth.

Its a shame really as there is no reason why this can’t become a gem of a tourist spot.

Have you been to Lowestoft?

Are you from Suffolk?

I want to know… Has it always been like this? Or has this town simply been forgotten?

I’d love to hear your views in the comments below.

Perhaps there is some hidden beauty to this place that I have missed? It is certainly possible given I don’t know the place all too well.

If you can recommend somewhere to visit in Lowestoft please get in touch and I promise to visit next time I’m down here.

One thing is for certain… It’s not missing our favourite seaside version of the pigeon.

Mr Seagull.


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