A petrifying visit to Mother Shipton’s Cave

Yesterday I had a day off work so I took full advantage of this and continued my mission to explore the UK as a tourist!

So we headed to Knaresborough in North Yorkshire for the oldest tourist attraction in England.

Open since 1630, Mother Shipton’s cave is a little historical gem easy to reach from Leeds by train, bus or car and an interesting day out for both adults and children.

I must admit, I visited this attraction when I was so young that it’s just a faded memory where I can only recall parts of it. But revisiting as an adult I actually enjoyed it even more because I appreciate the history and can understand it more. So whatever your age you should find it interesting!

The place consists of several wood carvings as you make your way through the woods. Some of the trees are amongst the tallest in England. I liked spotting the faces as we made our way around.

The main attraction you’ll reach next is the magical Petrifying Well which turns objects hanging under its waters to stone! This is the thing I remember most from being a kid and I still think it’s really cool! It takes 3 months to petrify an object and you can see a bunch of items donated by celebrities and well known figures at the museum at the end of your trip.

The whole thing really fascinates me! It also helps that I love teddies. Did you know that Mother Shipton was born as Ursula Sontheil. Her name means little female Teddy and that’s why they mostly petrify teddies!

As well as the waterfall you’ll also find a wishing well. The key is to not wish for money or harm on others. They say that people’s wishes have often come true meaning visitors have returned again to make more wishes. I must admit I wished in to this well as a child and my wish did come true. I’m not going to admit what it was for but I definitely thought harder about my wish this time around!

You’ll also visit Mother Shipton’s cave where you can hear about the prophecies she foretold.

The wood carvings were amongst my favourite things to see. Especially the beautiful angel.

Let’s not forget The Labyrinth door knobs! Well spotted by my travel companion.

We had a lot of fun on the playground too. Aware that the place is recommend for the age of 6-12 but since I’m the same weight and height of a 12 year old and have an even younger mental age like most adults, I don’t see any problem here! Haha

A great day out for all ages and very good value at £7 per adult. I love bringing out my inner child and learning something at the same time!


  1. Looks like a great day out although a little scary. Never heard of Mother Shiptons before but the well looks fascinating. You’re doing it aren’t you? Getting out and about in England. Brilliant.


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