Returning to Boggle Hole and Robin Hoods Bay

When I was in primary school I went on a school trip and it always stuck in my mind. It felt like the middle of nowhere but it turns out it’s not so far away!

So for the first time in over 20 years I travelled back to this place. It was a youth hostel in Boggle Hole which turns out to be a YHA.

I don’t remember much from the trip but I have vague memories. I remember walking down on to the beach and turning towards a cave.

Playing around with my school friends and walking for what felt like forever.

On one of the days we visited Robin Hoods Bay. I remember the steep streets and cute little shops.

Today we walked those streets again and they were lovely. So petite.

I couldn’t help but wonder how busy it would be here if coronavirus wasn’t around.

So many quaint places I would love to come back and visit someday.

Not to mention the countless amount of pubs. I miss going to the pub!

This one looked especially appealing..

Smugglers – Reminded me of pirates!

One thing I remembered from our day trip to Boggle Hole on that school trip was having lunch in this very spot..

So today, we did the very same thing. I never thought I’d find myself back here when I sat eating my packed lunch all those years ago.

We walked for a while today with Newkee enjoying her first time at the beach in months!

We probably would have walked further but we were defeated by the extremely strong winds and gave in.

It was great to see it so quiet though in a way as now is definitely a good time to be avoiding crowds.

I love exploring a place I haven’t been since childhood. Last time I did that was when I visited Knaresborough last year and went to Mother Shiptons Cave. Boy did that bring back memories!

Today I returned to Robin Hoods Bay a much older and hopefully wiser person with totally different interests. I could admire and appreciate the beautiful little houses and the way they were decorated. I love the different colours and beauty that I may not have noticed when I was a child.

I wandered the streets looking for good viewpoints, quirky character and personality throughout, like I do everywhere I go.

As an adult I return with a keen interest in hiking and a want to actually walk for miles. As a child my little legs just didn’t cut it. If it wasn’t for the wind and the weather turning borderline unsafe we probably would have continued for hours.

I loved the little tunnel of thorns we stumbled upon on the walk back to Boggle Hole across the hills after the tide had come in. Reminded me of the tale of Sleeping Beauty!

Robin Hoods Bay is a small coastal village close to Whitby. Boggle Hole is a short walk away. Home to the YHA hostel, beach and not really anything else! If you plan to visit you can easily reach them by car from Scarborough in North Yorkshire too.

I loved returning to something existing only in my memory for so long. It makes a nice change to go somewhere different from Whitby or Scarborough too. If you want to visit the beach and enjoy a good walk then get yourself over to the East coast of England after everything returns to normal and reopens. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Visited Boggle Hole and Robin Hoods Bay in May 2020.


  1. Lovely that it was so quiet when you visited. I do really want to head for the sea but keep feeling everyone else will be there too..Good choice, Robin Hood’s Bay is beautiful. Another lovely coastal village near there is Staithes. X

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    • I think the key is to go on a day where the weather isn’t great and then everyone stays away! Thanks I’ve been to Staithes before and that is a real picturesque place!


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