One day in Knaresborough

Besides visiting England’s oldest tourist attraction – Mother Shipton’s Cave, there are lots of reasons to take a visit to Knaresborough.

Located in North Yorkshire just a short bus or train journey from Leeds you’ll find a small picturesque town with lots of history.

What I loved about this place besides it being noticeably pretty, all the houses were very unique.

That’s one thing I love about England. Everything is very cute and looks like it has been plucked straight from a storybook.

Knaresborough offers you a chance to try your hand at rowing!

Besides there being a lot of beauty in the town to admire there is also plenty of history.

Mother Shipton’s Cave I’ve covered in a separate post yesterday. You can read about it here. Well worth a visit during your time here.


Besides this, there is also a castle in Knaresborough!

You can head up here for colourful gardens to walk around.

Or far reaching views!

A lot of Knaresborough appears to have been dolled up for Tour de Yorkshire so now is a great time to visit to see it looking so picturesque.

I really enjoyed my visit here and living in West Yorkshire it wasn’t far from home!

Amazing what you can find on your doorstep.



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