Welcome to Post Hill

Post Hill is one of the first places I ever discovered when I first moved to Pudsey, West Yorkshire. I frequent here walking Newkee on my days off as it’s so convenient for us.

If you’ve never been to Post Hill before, this is large area of woodland that will take you from Bramley across to Troydale. It’s a very popular spot for walkers, families, dogs and mountain bikers especially.


Depending on which entrance you take, you’ll come across different parts however they all lead on to each other and it is possible to do a loop rather than just walk back on yourself. I’ve mapped our route below and highlighted all the entrances we’ve come across so far. The biggest square being the one we use most frequently.

It won’t take you long to do the whole walk. Even with a dog walking at a slow pace we were able to get round the whole place in around an hour.

One thing that we can’t help but notice when we visit Post Hill is the smell in the air. It’s fresh garlic! The place is full of the stuff!


I like to walk all the way to the top of Post Hill where there is actually a bench to sit on and admire the view. I think of it as my little look out spot, a great place to do some thinking. Someone was sat on ‘my’ bench when we came up here so I had to take my photo from a different spot. I’m sure you can appreciate the view overlooking Pudsey all the same.


Our dog loves these woods because they are not only filled with other dogs but there is also a lot of open space. We are rarely able to let her off the lead but when we do, this is a good spot for it.


It’s the perfect spot because dogs can re-hydrate with the flowing stream nearby.


I mentioned mountain bikes earlier because you’ll notice all the different hills and ramps that always have fresh tracks. There are lots of paths to take in different directions so it attracts all kinds of walkers besides the bikers.


My favourite part of Post Hill is the stepping stones. Not so much fun when you’re trying to scramble over them with a dog but a challenge at least.


Post Hill is good if you are wanting a short walk out in the countryside away from all the city noise.

I’m glad I have all these walks on my doorstep. One of the perks of living in Yorkshire! I hope you enjoy it if you ever make it to Post Hill too.

If you are looking for other local walks nearby, here are some more places I have blogged about previously.

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