Rain, walks and more rain!

Well hasn’t it just been a miserable couple of weeks! Talk about RAIN!

Now I might be in West Yorkshire but I’m pretty sure we are all feeling quite fed up as the bad weather looks to be hitting us all over the UK.

Adventures have been on a bit of a standstill recently. I’m still out walking (especially with the new puppy) but I can’t say I’ve had many photographs taken or stories I’ve felt worthy of blogging about recently.

I work a lot more weekends than I used to now that I have my job in travel so whilst I still get out and about, I’m limited, as are most people. Now with this weather…it seems even more restricted!

Last weekend we visited a place I’d not been before. Pugneys Country Park was the name. Located in West Yorkshire by Wakefield, it is a large park and nature reserve. We wanted to take Newkee somewhere different and let her go in the water.

We didn’t quite have much luck with that since the water was so dirty and filled with questionable contents we decided to stay away. I later learnt this was green algae and that people should stay away from it.

Infact we’ve been struggling to find anywhere to take her recently that she can paddle because of the amount of warnings going round. My last dog we used to take her to Ilkley river all the time, but recent reports have shown a lot of people getting sick from going in the water. Especially bad for dogs.

If you know of anywhere we can take a dog in Yorkshire where they can swim that would be great!

Newkee the Husky Cross Romanian Shepherd

At Pugneys, we followed the Blown Away trail which takes you all around the park. It’s not very long so great if you only want a short walk or can’t walk your puppy too far.

We stopped for a little picnic on the way round to enjoy the cloudy dry day before the rain kicked in full force. There were plenty of people here with tents set up, chairs out and it would be a great place for a picnic when it’s a sunny day.

If you don’t fancy the whole walk, you can even jump on the Light Railway. For a small fee this little train will take you from one side of the lake to the other and it’s a great little novelty feature.

We left just as the ultimate downpour hit and since our visit last Sunday I don’t think it’s really stopped raining!

Not much of a Summer this year compared to last year which is a shame but I look forward to a few holidays abroad I have in the pipeline.

How have you been spending these rainy days?


  1. Looks like a nice park but the weather really doesn’t help much does it? Been wet pretty much all over and more of it this week I think. Sure it won’t last long though and people will soon be complaining about the heat.


    • Thank you I’ve not been there since I was a child! So I went this weekend and it brought all those memories back πŸ™‚ Luckily it didn’t rain either! Will be blogging about it soon.


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