WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Help?

So this is my blog filled with a relatively large amount of content but with only a small amount of following.

I have often wondered whether I should up the ante and attempt to reach a larger audience.

Of what I’ve read, this would require investing time into making my site look and feel right and some money to get in started.

Up until now I’ve been using WordPress.com. I find the blogging system very easy to use within the app, just start writing, hit publish and BAM you’re online. Your followers receive an email and people can find your content through the WordPress library.

Now, if I am to move my content to WordPress.org so I can start to incorporate more things into my website, how easy is the uploading posts side of things going to be? Do they have an app?

I love being able to easily blog but I don’t love not having full customisation options on my site or the option to really reach more people with my writing.

Does anybody have any experience of this and is able to recommend the best step for me?

I am really at a loss as to where to start and I don’t want to make the switch to then find blogging very expensive and difficult down the line!

So please share any knowledge you may have by posting a comment or emailing me on onesophieonebackpack@gmail.com

Thanks in advance!


  1. Your site looks great to me but I know what you mean about wanting to expand your following. Don’t know about moving to the org platform but thought about it a couple of years ago. The cost put me off so I just concentrated on using social media more and trying to expand that way. So many bloggers have the same issue i think.


    • Yes the cost seems much higher! I’m still not sure what to do as i’d like to be able to customise the theme more and gain a bigger following but i’m not sure that it will exactly improve anything..

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      • It’s a bit of a serious question. If you are really into web design and customisation then org is obviously so much better but I felt if i went that way i would need to invest so much more time on our blog. Maybe even try and make some money from it? Lots of ways to increase your following and online presence without splashing out more money though.


  2. I’m in the exact same situation and waiting until I have a little more money (and time!) to move across to a .org site. I heard Bluehost is a cheap option to self host, but then I’ve also read people having a lot of problems with them too. I found this site while doing some research and it seems to explain everything relatively simply with links for further information too: https://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/self-hosted-wordpress-org-vs-free-wordpress-com-infograph/


    • Yeh I agree, I was going to use Blue Host! Only thing is I used WordPress.org when I blogged for a business in the past and I found it not half as user friendly as WordPress.com is! Like the way we can easily see our stats, post using the app and all sorts, I like it! Whereas WordPress org I’m not sure if people see it in their reader or not? Do you know? I would just like to branch out a little but don’t know if I will regret moving it! Haha


      • I’ve never used wordpress.org so no idea on the usability or the information we get to see. I like being able to see the stats, etc. in wordpress and hoped it would at least be similar. I think I need to do more research!


      • I’m waiting until I have a little more time and money. The other option I’m considering is Siteground. I’ve heard more positive things (or less bad) but I think they’re more expensive. I’ll hopefully have chance to look properly this month.


      • Yeh I had a look at that and it was rather expensive. I think WordPress business plan may even be a good option.. But I’ve realised I want to write about my life like a diary rather than articles aimed at bringing in readers.. I suppose it’s about choosing between making money or writing for enjoyment..


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