Calverley Tithe Circular – A historical walk?

**You may have stumbled upon this page by googling walks in Calverley. So before you read about this terrible walk please let me direct you to the bottom of this post where I recommend some much better walks in the Leeds area**


One warm evening last weekend we decided to try googling short walks around our local area.

We wanted to try something different that we’d not done before and something short so we could drag the puppy along with us.

We settled for a historical walk I found online which sounded quite good as it was short and looped around plus it wasn’t too far from our home.

We found the walk recommendation here. Entitled Calverley Tithe Circular.

Upon setting off we followed the directions, soon realising that perhaps this pdf hadn’t been updated in quite some time.

It wasn’t long before it became apparent that we were looking for things that just simply didn’t exist anymore.

Looking for the ‘Paris restaurant on our right’ and the ‘chemical works on our left’ that were nowhere to be seen it became pretty clear that this wasn’t so much of a historical walk but more of an eye opener to how quickly our country changes.

Here is some of that beautiful history..

Now in the form of new build houses.

We continued the walk discovering that more and more things had been destroyed to make way for new houses.

It was nice to be out and walking around an area that we’d not been before despite it not being quite what we were expecting. The walk lead us through woods and out to beautiful houses secluded with wonderful views.

We also learnt that cats don’t like Newkee.

We cut it short after realising rather than looping around it just takes you back walking the same way. The best part about the walk was concluding the few miles with a refreshing beverage at The Railway pub in Rodley. What a great little gem.

Dog friendly and cosy on the inside as well as plenty of space to enjoy the sun out back. Newkee even made a friend for the night.

Looks like we might have to continue discovering our own walks rather than following outdated guides!

Below are some better local walks I’d recommend if you are on the lookout for something.

Walks in the Leeds area:


Farnley Hall Park
Farnley Fish Pond
Post Hill
Fulneck Moravian Settlement
Black Carr Woods
Ilkley Moor
Otley Chevin
Fairburn Ings
Roundhay Park
Esholt Woods
Pugneys Country Park
Ilkley river
Adel Dam
Skipton to Gargrave
Malham Cove



  1. What a disappointing walk, I bet there are loads like that now with so much building going on everywhere. At least you found a decent pub to drown your sorrows at the end.


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