Exploring The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Back in March we took a trip to Northumberland where my friend currently lives. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to add this to my blog, it must have been a busy few months!

Meeting our friend, we had a set itinerary waiting for us when we arrived and a busy weekend ahead.

First stop, Holy Island! A few hours drive up north from where he lives in Middlesborough we headed over to the island.

Holy Island is only accessabile at certain times when the tide is out. If you don’t time it right you can end up stuck on the island. Worst still you could end up watching your vehicle wash out to sea!

First stop the unmissable Landisfarne Castle. Perched upon a hill in the distance, you really can’t miss it.

We walked over to the castle to explore and found the lime kilns underground. A bit of hidden history underneath your feet.

The view of the castle from the distance was really cool. Reminded me of something from Game of Thrones!

In the distance from the castle you can look back on to Holy Island and see some ruins from afar. We decided to go check them out too.

The ruins are part of English Heritage and are from a medieval monastery. They are pretty cool to see up close.

A really beautiful place to explore, I also enjoyed admiring the pretty houses. I can’t even imagine what it must be like living in a place you can only access at certain times!

Got lucky with weather here in March and really enjoyed visiting the island for the first time.

Even got a nice coupley photograph infront of Lindisfarne Castle to take home πŸ˜‰

We visited a lot of places during our short time in Northumberland so I’ll be writing about those over the next few weeks.


  1. Great post Sophie. As you know we did visit Lindisfarne recently but we didn’t have much time and din;t see anywhere near as much as you. Now we really do have to go back don’t we?

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