A sunny day at RSPB Bempton Cliffs Seabird Centre

Our third trip of the year to an RSPB nature reserve and again, an enjoyable one!

I think this might be my favourite one so far. What beautiful views.

So we drove the 2 hours over to the east coast to visit Bempton. My first time ever coming here and I loved it.

Greeted as always with a smile from the RSPB volunteers. This time they had even more reason to smile as we took along a furry friend..

Our first ever walk with Newkee! She’s now officially allowed out after her vaccinations and wow did she enjoy herself.

We were stopped at least 30 times as people wanted to stop and stroke her, ask questions about her and just simply have a puppy cuddle!

But enough about Newkee, let’s talk about this wonderful nature spot.

A beautiful coastal walk gives you far reaching views across the sea and of the pretty Bempton Cliffs.

And of course it can’t be an RSPB reserve without the chance to spot some birds… So out in the wild, we saw our first puffins! It was really amazing to see actually. Along with all the other birds perched on the Cliffs.

We spent a good 2 hours here with all the stopping to greet people and allowing Newkee to meet other dogs. We walked a good chunk of the place walking two trails but you could definitely walk even further if you want to spend more time here!

I think this might be my new favourite of the few RSPB centres we’ve visited so far. It was made great by the friendly volunteers, sunshine and the amount of birds to see! I enjoyed the quirky things to look at too.

There’s various bird watching spots dotted all across the Cliffs also. Great for getting those good photographs. Even Newkee did a spot of puffin watching.

If you want a nice day out, perfect for dog walking and stretching your legs then I highly recommend Bempton Cliffs.

Our first adventure with our new four legged friend and I’m sure the first of many more to come!


  1. Great photos, Bempton looks beautiful. What a great place for a day out. Oh Newkee looks like a lovely little fella. You’ll have fun with him.


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