The little Farnley fish pond

I recently talked about Farnley Hall Park in my last post here. Well if you decide you’d like to visit, you might also like to know there is a pond just across the road from the park.

It was the first time visiting for me. I’m not going to big it up as it really is a small walk and only just a pond!

However, my reason for taking the time to write about Farnley Fish Pond is because during lockdown I’ve begun to explore the nearby area a lot more closely. Discovering places I didn’t even know existed on my doorstep.

Whilst technically I could walk around this place in 5 minutes I still managed to make the visit worthwhile and appreciate a few things.

Let’s start with this nest we saw.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely stupid but I’ve just never really thought about where ducks build their nests. Or even that they would have a nest! It’s just genuinely something I’ve never thought about. So when I stood wondering why there was a nest sat on a pond it didn’t take long before the baby ducklings swimming around answered my question.

I thought it was pretty cool that if you look closely enough you can even see the leftover shells still in the nest.

The pond is located down some steps and nestled in the middle of woodland allowing you to walk in one big circle around it all.

Newkee, our pooch, was curious. If you take your dog down here I’d highly recommend not letting them near the water. Besides the wildlife and obvious danger, the water is absolutely disgusting! I don’t think they need to warn people off swimming here!

It’s a shame there isn’t more upkeeping of the area.

We even came across a huge fallen tree. It was actually the biggest one I’ve ever seen up close I think. I find trees really interesting so it’s sad to see such a big piece of history at the end of its life.

The roots were an interesting sight though.

There was even a pretty cool tree carving to admire. Reminded me of a totem pole.

I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way specifically to visit this place but if you want to combine it with a trip to Farnley Hall Park then it is worth your time. Another interesting find in Leeds to end the month.

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Farnley Hall Park


  1. I know right, something I’d never thought about either! Actually if it’s the Leeds Castle I’m thinking of I think that is down in Kent near London! Was it South of England you went? Only castle I can think of up here is Skipton Castle or some of the national trust ones 🙂


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