Beauty by the airport – Yeadon Tarnfield Park

Right around the corner from my home in Guiseley lies a beautiful little spot I never knew existed! In fact, the only reason I learnt about it was through flying…

I am in fact talking about Yeadon Tarn! Located in a small town just outside of Leeds city centre, Yeadon Tarnfield Park sits right next to Leeds-Bradford airport. Through frequently flying from this airport on my travels, I have often noticed the big pool of water surrounded by greenery and boats sailing along it. But it has only caught my eye once I’ve actually been in the air!

Nestled away outside of the town centre of Yeadon most people probably don’t even know it exists. It’s only recently that I’ve remembered to look into exactly where it is and drop by for a visit.

Turns out you can reach this spot very easily walking from Yeadon or Guiseley and alternatively there is a car park here too.

Yeadon tarn is great for a short walk and whilst it was freezing when I visited this weekend it was still nice to walk around. I imagine visiting in summer would be great as you could also try your hand at sailing.

The tarn is used for all kinds of sport activities and here you’ll find the Leeds Sailing and Activity Centre. We obviously didn’t do any sailing but who knows, maybe next summer?

You can also fish here! Another thing we didn’t do and actually something I’ve never done. I did however, admire all the wildlife again and take lots of pictures of the birds. Seems to be becoming a common occurrence every weekend this!

We walked around the park too which is very small but I imagine quite pretty when the flowers are blooming.

I like admiring the autumn colours you find in parks, this is one of the things that makes it my favourite season!

And one of my favourite things about this place, of course.. Watching the planes take off!

What I find interesting is that people often describe the outskirts of cities where the airport lies as neglected. Most of the time you’ll find next to nothing around. Leeds-Bradford Airport is definitely an exception.

I’ve lived in Guiseley for around 18 months now and only just made it over to this little spot. Exploring what’s on my doorstep is proving to be a fulfilling little mission and an adventure i’m really enjoying!



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