A weekend away – Glamping!

This weekend I went glamping for the first time! And what better place for my first experience than Box Tree Farm Glamping. A small farm located in Lancashire just outside of Ingleton.


What is glamping?

I’m not going to pretend i’d heard of it before this year… I hadn’t. In fact, I didn’t even really get why it was a thing until I went and experienced it for myself.

Glamping is a chance to stay out in the countryside/middle of nowhere/off the beaten track locations where you wouldn’t normally find a whole load of anything. So in other words, a chance to stay somewhere peaceful and remote. It’s very similar to staying on a campsite only you’re provided with your own room to stay in. This might be a yurt, cabin or in my case a pod! They all tend to consist of the same basic principle, somewhere to sleep and a place to cook. So you get an idea:



The main difference from a campsite however is that the facilities are a bit more ‘glamorous’. Not your 5* resort glamorous but individual toilets and showers that provide quite a bit of privacy and comfort. Whilst they are shared with your fellow glampers they are all separate cubicles and individually heated.

Glamping is a great alternative for those who want to be out in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle, but at the same time a chance to have a bit more home comforts than you might get from camping.


I’m no stranger to diverse ways of experiencing a place. I’ve stayed in various campsites all over Australia during my 2 week stint travelling through the outback camping in a small tent. I’ve also stayed in numerous hostels, hammocks out in the jungles of Indonesia and home-stays with local families in Cambodia and Vietnam! But it was really fun to try something different in my home country for once.

Ditching the traditional B&B we opted for a pod out in the countryside where we woke up to the winter frost, went to sleep to the sound of heavy rain, admired the pink sunrise and saw an incredible amount of stars on the second night.


A lot more comfortable than I was expecting and a great first time glamping. At first I was sceptical thinking that I’d be cold especially being in Britain in October. But actually I ended up being too warm! The toilets were incredibly hot as well, much warmer than my own house!

It was a great way to experience Lancashire and Yorkshire a little differently. Because of its location, we were within easy reach of a number of great locations. This included Hornby Castle, Ingleton, Morecambe Bay, Whitescar Cave, Heysham and Ribblehead Viaduct to name the few I visited. You can also get to Ingleborough one of the three Yorkshire peaks, and the city of Lancaster really easily from here. Perhaps even pay a visit to the very popular Malham Cove for one of the best walks in Yorkshire (See my previous post about this here).

I’ll be writing about all the places we visited and sharing my photos over the next few weeks so keep an eye on my blog for inspiration for your next trip to Yorkshire or Lancashire!



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