The little village of Hornby, Lancashire

Following on from my post recently about my weekend away glamping, i’d like to share with you some of the places I visited whilst on my little UK holiday!

If you don’t already know, this weekend I stayed at Box Tree Farm Glamping out in Lancashire. It was a very quiet little place located out in the countryside but within easy reach of some UK destinations we decided to get to know a little more.

We had a very busy Saturday exploring the White Scar Cave, Ribblehead Viaduct and Ingleton Waterfalls trail all in Yorkshire. I have some beautiful pictures i’m going to share with you later this week from those places.

But for now I’m going to talk about my Sunday in Lancashire!

So we had a plan to climb Ingleborough however with a rocky start to the morning (due to me having to do some out of office work) we decided it would be best to climb this another time. The weather was pretty gloomy and we knew we’d much rather get up there on a day where the views would be more visible anyway.

So we headed for the small village of Hornby. Never heard of it before but I saw that it was close by to Wennington where we were staying and that there was a castle! So we set out on the 8 minute drive from the farm and started here.

A picturesque little village that is exactly what you would expect to see in England. In fact it’s one of those little places that you’d imagine would feature on the old school British shows like Heartbeat or Agatha Christie..haha.

When walking around we commented on what a beautiful place this would be to live with all of its greenery and footpaths. But there is next to nothing here! Not even a pub! So I know most of us would struggle..

We couldn’t quite visit the castle and its gardens as it is private property and only open certain days but we could see it from the village.

I could see that there looks to be a few walks you can do from here so it could be worth exploring properly perhaps on a day where you can also visit the castle.

A cute little place that I enjoyed taking photos of. Sometimes it’s the little unheard of destinations that we remember the most.

After this we headed over to the coast for the day. A short drive from Hornby. Read about what we got up to in my next post πŸ™‚



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