A trip to Morecambe Bay & Heysham Wildlife Reserve

On the west coast of England just outside of Lancaster you’ll find a place called Morecambe.

We didn’t know anything about the destination but since deciding we wanted to head for the coast we figured that it didn’t matter! So we set off from Hornby on the 20 minute drive and found ourselves driving through looking for a place to park and anything that caught our eye.

In the end we actually ended up carrying on to a place called Heysham. A small place just a bit further down the coast from Morecambe. We parked at Heysham Wildlife Reserve that i’d just spotted on the map as we drove along.


This looked like a good find as we first arrived and I studied the reserve map to see what we might find. Unfortunately it looks like it’s in a state of disrepair in comparison to nature reserves i’ve visited locally recently. A lot of the ponds were filled with oil and the bird hide was no longer a hide. We didn’t expect to see much with it being autumn however we didn’t see anything. Not even a bird, butterfly or squirrel! Quite the opposite to what I normally find in Yorkshire each weekend.


It did however turn in to an enjoyable peaceful walk and nice to find this green space even if it is surrounded by industrial sites. We also continued to walk until we reached the shore lined with caravans and cycle paths.


Next we headed for Morecambe a coastal town on Morecambe Bay. We walked along the promenade and whilst the weather was quite grey, I don’t think it would have looked any prettier on a day with blue skies! The place seemed quite neglected which was a shame but we did spot a few quirky things about the place.


Morecambe is just like your usual English seaside town only with a little less affection. There are amusement arcades but not brightly lit like Scarborough or Blackpool and it definitely lacks the atmosphere you’d normally find by the sea!

With that said, there is a nice statue along the front paying tribute to Eric Morecambe who took his name from the town.


The surrounding area of the statue was actually the nicest part of Morecambe in my opinion. It brightened up the place with some pretty flowers and something a bit different from your usual historical statues!




There was quite a lot of comedy reference around the town. It was a nice touch I felt.

Alongside all this, I also noticed the birds that lined the streets everywhere. Hand-painted birds everywhere! I felt these were really quirky and took these photographs outside Morrisons:

There doesn’t seem to be too much to do in Morecambe but it has a few high street stores as you would expect as well as supermarkets and the added bonus of the sea! I spotted some pretty cool looking artwork lining the streets also:



On a clear day you should be able to see the beautiful lake district in the distance. I can imagine this looks stunning but unfortunately we could only see the outlines. There is a pretty cool sculpture that shows you what peaks you are looking out on also:


It was good to visit Lancashire this weekend for the first time. There were definitely some beautiful places inland however i’ve definitely seen much nicer coastal towns.


Still, you can’t fault a day at the seaside.




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