Out in the countryside – Ribblehead Viaduct

After a trip to White Scar Cave we were ready to head to Ingleton to spend the rest of our day. Luckily, thanks to technology I was browsing google maps when I noticed a ‘photo spot’.

A photo spot is what I call the little camera icon that you find on Google Maps. I don’t know what this is actually meant to be but I like to think of it as a great little find for spotting things worth seeing! When you click on the icon it gives you more information about the attraction. Keep a lookout for this as it’s a real handy tool!


Just up the road from the caves I noticed a place called Ribblehead Viaduct. It wasn’t hard to miss as the only thing around the area, it stuck out on the map as you can see above. Just an 8 minute drive up the straight road we headed up here. I’m so glad we did!

This was a beautiful little spot.


We wandered around for a while admiring the surroundings. There were a lot of hikers around ready to climb one of the three Yorkshire peaks – Whernside (Thanks to my dad for pointing this out).


The clouds began to part leaving us with some beautiful blue sky. A nice surprise given we were expecting rain!


It was nice to walk around here as it felt like the middle of nowhere but with something so pretty to admire in between.


There were lots of walking spots here and wildlife as always!


After reading the plaques regarding the viaduct itself it was interesting to learn that this is part of the railway line that takes you to Carlisle from where I live in Leeds. I’ve heard a lot about this scenic train journey and hopefully one day I’ll get to experience it myself!



A worthy spot to visit and only discovered because I stumbled upon an icon on Google Maps! If you find yourself over this way then definitely make a detour to fit this in your itinerary.







  1. You know Sophie, you really are lucky to be living in England. This place is so gorgeous! It reminded me of Harry Potter 🙂 Btw, a ‘photo spot’! Oh I see those but yeah you could be right! I’ll keep that in mind in our upcoming travel 🙂


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