Walking the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

In Ingleton you’ll find a beautiful little trail perfect for lovers of walking and the countryside. We visited here during our time glamping at Box Tree Farm recently!

Begin the trail from Ingleton where you will find the main entrance.

It begins with a steady walk through the woods surrounded by water. I knew straight away I was going to enjoy this!

As we were the last people of the day to enter the trail and we stopped regularly to take photos it was really good to have the place to ourselves.

The first waterfall you’ll come to is Pecca falls. This is the only one I remember the name of easily being quite distinctive.

The trail continues uphill until you come out on a beautiful part of countryside looking out across the hills. You can even look on to Ingleton.

Here you’ll see another waterfall and continue on to the halfway point.

I loved being up here as the views were great and I wasn’t expecting such a vast trail.

We even got lucky timing it perfectly for the sunset!

I love it when you can walk for miles without coming across anybody. Gives me a sense of feeling like I’m out in the wilderness.

After passing the halfway point the trail heads back into the woods and you come across some more waterfalls.

I can’t remember the names of the falls but there are quite a few towards the end and plenty to take photos of.

There are a few bridges on this part of the trail that aren’t great for you if you do suffer from vertigo but otherwise they make great viewpoints.

Finally the trail loops back in to Ingleton where you can easily make your way back to the starting point through the small town.

We even got to see the aftermath of the sunset.

I enjoyed this walk as it was a good length at around 4.5 miles. We spent around 2-3 hours doing the trails as we kept stopping to take photos and to admire the views. You could definitely walk it much quicker should you want to.

The trail starts from Ingleton where you can actually park inclusive of your ticket price. It costs £6 to do the trail and it’s worth it to help keep the trail well maintained. Unfortunately we got here past the car park closing time so had to park in the surrounding area. Luckily this turned out to be no problem for us finding a space easily close by. The opening hours on Google are wrong and change in autumn/winter so make sure you check this on the official website!

Ingleton is easy to get to from Leeds or Lancaster, located in North Yorkshire this makes for a great day trip or weekend break!


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