A quick trip to ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’

This weekend I have been to Disneyland Paris!

An early morning pickup in Leeds occurred on Thursday to take me on a long journey down to the coast to catch a ferry from Dover. The second time I’ve done this trip by coach and I enjoy it! Must admit, I’m a lover of coaches. Any time I can relax and stare out of the window listening to my tunes then I’m happy!

This time I was out in Paris on business. As part of my new job in the travel industry I blog for the company. We needed some new material so voila they sent me to Disneyland!

I’ve never properly been to Dover but it was good to admire what I could see of the white cliffs.

I also loved this artwork just outside of the ferry port! We all know what this is about I’m sure.

On the ferry we shopped, explored and ate a terrible lunch.. But let’s not talk about that haha. I admired some beautiful sky as we arrived in France.

I was lucky enough to be put up in one of the Disney hotels on site. The Cheyenne Hotel – Cowboy style with Toy Story rooms!

I had a long weekend ahead of me with many attractions to try out and many photos to take. I’ve been to Disneyland before and even used to work at Disneyworld so I’m no stranger to what the parks are like.

It was crazy busy and exhausting but fun nonetheless. A quick getaway for the weekend. I went with my sisters and we saw some awesome things, one of my highlights was following the parade which I’ve never done before!

I also got to have breakfast with the characters which was an interesting experience I must say..

We made new friends with the local animals..

And of course no visit is complete without the iconic castle photo..

So now I’m on my way back to England. Got a good few more hours of coach travel before I reach home.

So easy to pop over to France from England and I don’t think enough people make the most of the opportunity. I’d definitely be visiting mainland Europe every month if I lived further south!

So that was my first business trip and I must say, whilst it was exhausting, it does feel good to finally be getting paid to travel! Even if it only happens once in my life πŸ˜‰ That’s the dream right there..


  1. Oh my gosh! You’re in Disney Sophie. I, my husband (yes him!) and our boys love love love Disney! We went to Disney Paris s few years ago and we loved it. We missed the other park though.


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