My first Whitby Goth Weekend!

This weekend I finally got to experience what my family have talked about for years.. Whitby Goth Weekend!

As a fan of things a little alternative and the darker side of life it’s quite surprising that i’ve not been to this event sooner than 2018 but at least I finally made it.


Whitby Goth Weekend takes place in spring and autumn every year most commonly around the time of Halloween. This year I was told it was pretty quiet in comparison to previous years and that might have something to do with the bitter cold weather and insanely crazy wind!


It was actually even my first time in Whitby! Whilst I thought i’d visited before as a child, I soon realised I hadn’t as I didn’t recognise any element of it.

Whitby is completely my kind of place with all it’s cute little gift stores. I probably could have spent the entire day looking around and spending money I don’t have!


But since I was there as part of a group and we were there to enjoy goth weekend I took more of a pub crawl of Whitby instead.

We started in Abbey Wharf and ended in The Green Dragon, I would normally list the rest of the pubs here except i’ve done a very bad job of remembering them! As you can imagine, I may have had a few too many ciders…


I had a really great day exploring Whitby. Tasting all the different ciders in various locations was fun, including lemon & ginger, blackberry & strawberry, ‘fanny bramble’ and cherry to name just a few!

I loved admiring everybody’s costumes even if some of them were a little creepy!


We walked up to the abbey to admire the view. Unfortunately I couldn’t get up close as the wind was far too bad for them to allow visitors. But I did enjoy walking around the surrounding area. I will definitely return in the summer months for some photographs.


The highlight for me was just hanging around with an awesome group of people that made my weekend memorable ❤

They also did a great job of looking the part too 😉




  1. Whitby looks great, shame it was too windy to explore more. You’ll need to get back there sometime. Strange seeing all those goths wandering around there.

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    • Yes it was great! I learnt its where the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula came from! I definately want to go back pretty soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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