Another year, another Whitby Goth Weekend

Last month we headed back to Whitby to enjoy the annual event that we loved so much last year!

We used Air B&B to find some lovely accommodation in Scarborough where we woke up to beautiful sea views. Got to love Air B&B!

The first day we headed for Whitby, of course the weather was miserable and the sky was grey. It always is everytime we head to Whitby!

But nevertheless we always enjoy it. If you’ve never been to Whitby Goth Weekend, this is an event where people come together to celebrate all things gothic, spooky, Steampunk, retro.. All sorts! Because it often falls close to Halloween you get all sorts of people dressed up for the occasion. I love seeing the costumes it’s the best part!

This year we headed there both the Saturday and Sunday and got really lucky with sunshine and beaming blue sky’s on the Sunday as you can see by the photo above!

We dressed up for the occasion as always โ˜บ๏ธ

Whitby Abbey at Goth Weekend 2019

We walked the streets browsing some of the magnificent shops. If you’ve never been before you’ll be surprised by the amount of unique little gift stores and crafts you can find in Whitby! Of course we also spent a good chunk of time testing out all the local pubs too!

The Sunday we headed up to the Pavilion to walk around the craft Market. There is always something going on up there. This is where we attended the Steampunk event at the start of the year. Read about my time here.

If you walk up to the Pavilion you get really good views looking back on Whitby. Great on a clear day like we had.

Yorkshire town of Whitby

We also got to see the pretty sky after the sun began to set on the town. Later we even caught some of the fireworks set off at night during the event… Although we definitely missed the majority of those; may have spent too long in the pub!

I visited Whitby for the first time at last years Whitby Goth event. I blogged about it here if you’d like to read.

Since then I’ve visited only twice but I absolutely love it. The shops there, I could spend hours in. It has the countryside on its door step and the sea even closer. I’d highly recommend a visit to anyone and hope to someday be able to spend even more time there.

Visited Whitby, North Yorkshire October 2019.


  1. What a lovely seaside town! I’ve seen so many beautiful photos and always wanted to visit Whitby and take a drive to Robin Hoods Bay, thanks for sharing and have a good day ๐Ÿ˜€ Aiva


  2. Whitby is a lovely little town, great shops and nice seafront too. Not seen the Goth Fest but it’s great when people get involved and dress up for any event isn’t it? Makes it special.


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