A perfect final sunset on Paradise Beach

It was our last night in Turkey and of course you always feel a little sad when it comes to the end of your holiday. The reality of heading back to work and life at home dawns on you.

So we needed to do something memorable on our last night in Oludeniz. After all, we may never return there so we wanted to ensure we’d done everything we wanted before leaving.

I wanted to watch the sunset one last time and I knew the Blue Lagoon would be the best place for it. We spent our first day at Seahorse Beach Club at Blue Lagoon and loved it. Read about our first day here.

So we decided this time to try out one of the other beaches. After debating between them all for a while we finally settled on a place called Paradise Beach.

This place is absolutely perfect, I guess the name says it all!

The cocktails were by far the strongest we had on the whole trip. The bar staff were mega friendly and welcoming, we ended up staying way longer than we expected to.

There is a great area for swimming here and we enjoyed doing so whilst watching a wedding take place on the beach next door.

We even made some new friends with the stray cats that appear to live on the beach.

Of course you can’t end your holiday without a perfect sunset! Paradise is definitely the place for it.

Beautiful sky’s after sunset on Paradise Beach

It was a great way to end our holiday and I’d really recommend Paradise Beach if you are looking for a good value relaxing resort.

Visited Oludeniz in August 2019.


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