Exactly how expensive is Turkey?

Go to Turkey they said… It’ll be cheap they said.. At least that is what we all assume right? And to some extent it’s true.

Food and excursions; no problem. You will get a lot for your money out here!

Unfortunately, due to the government hiking up taxes on alcohol we definitely can’t describe Turkey as cheap anymore, at least not when it comes to boozing.

Furry friend eyeing up my gin at Black Pearl bar – Hisarönü

Of what I’ve heard, it used to be very cheap. Judging by the places I’ve been I normally find that mostly everywhere is cheaper than the UK, except Switzerland.. And we all know how expensive the countries of Scandinavia can be!

Anyway back to Turkey.. I’ve heard a lot of mention of the tax out here and a lot of stories. Did you know that the cost of a bottle of Raki in the supermarket is more than 6% of the average monthly Turkish salary? That is crazy! It’s no wonder a lot of people don’t drink or have to brew their own.

Often two thirds of the drink price is tax…That will be why we can afford to eat out here frequently at fancy restaurants yet when it comes to buying a pint you’re counting your coins..

Oludeniz Nightlife – ‘the strip’

So let’s take a look at what you will get for your money out here..

I have detailed some of the costs I have taken note of along the way during my week in Turkey. I know sometimes people find this useful when planning their trip so here is my price guide –

A large bottle of the local beer..

Efes Pilsen

In our hotel – 25 tlr (£3.60 / €4)

In the cheapest bar we found – 17 tlr (£2.42 / €2.68)


White Russian cocktail at Kitsch in Hisarönü

In our hotel – 50 tlr (£7 / €7.76)

Happy hour – 30 tlr (£4.20 / €4.65)

Average cost – 40 tlr (£5.71 / €6.33)

Smoothies & Shakes

Around – 25 tlr (£3.60 / €4)

Soft drinks

Around – 12 tlr (£1.70 / €1.88)

Bottled Water

Our hotel – 6 tlr ( 85p / €1)

Supermarkets – 0.5 tlr (pennies)


Pizza – Ranging from 30 tlr (£4.20 / €4.65) upwards depending on the restaurant.

Chilli Burger at Buzz Beach Bar in Olu Deniz

Burgers – Around 40 tlr for lunch (£5.71 / €6.33)

All you can eat Turkish buffet –

65 tlr (£9.28 / €10.28)

I think one thing for sure is our hotel isn’t exactly the best option if you are penny pinching!

We’ve absolutely loved our time here but definitely spent far more than we could have anticipated. Of course I do have the most expensive taste when it comes to drinks on holiday..

Cocktails at The Hangout in Oludeniz Beach

As for other things, your money will go a long way..

A sunset cruise with dinner included- £5! Or free when you book 2 other trips in some cases.

Sunset cruise with Pioneer Travel

An all day boat trip to Dalyan including mud baths, hot springs and Turtle Beach – £20

Boat trip to Dalyan with Pioneer Travel

Quadbiking with your own bike – £20 or dual – £25

Ghostrider Quadbiking

Paragliding – Between £65 and £90 depending on who you go with.

Paragliding with Sky Sports

Memories that will last forever – Priceless! (of course) Haha

Prices are based around the Oludeniz area in August 2019.

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