My beautiful birthday dinner by sunset

It was my 29th birthday and I wanted to spend the evening doing something a little different. So what better way to spend it than on a sunset cruise?

The best part… It was free!

Book with Pioneer Travel in Oludeniz and you will receive this trip free when you book two other trips! Of course it isn’t difficult to book two trips when you see the huge selection of activities on offer in Oludeniz.

As you may have already read on my blog, we spent my birthday morning paragliding! Read about this amazing experience here.

It was only fair that I ended the day with something as fun as the way it started.

I wasn’t expecting much. Quite frankly if somebody tells you a tour is free you don’t really have high expectations from it.. Thankfully I was so wrong!

Aboard the Pioneer Travel sunset cruise

We boarded the boat at half 5 and were quite surprised to learn it wouldn’t finish until past 10pm.. What could we possibly be doing for all that time?

So we set sail from Oludeniz with no real idea of what the itinerary was. We probably could have easily asked but it was kind of fun not knowing! Leaving the beach we headed into the abyss..

Oludeniz beach

After sailing for a short while we pulled up to dock. I can’t tell you where it was since I have no idea but it was a beautiful little spot surrounded by other boats all ready to watch the sunset. We had plenty of time to kill and so it was time to have a little fun.

Whilst I sipped on my favourite strawberry cider my partner did what he loves to do best… Throwing himself in to the sea! Despite us not taking any swimwear, Dec didn’t care and he was off the boat at the first opportunity.. Haha.

It was so much fun and the kids absolutely loved watching him do all his different jumps and dives as always. It was then the sun started setting…

We had such a perfect view to enjoy it.

The colours of the sky looked so pretty and the pirate ships around us made it feel really unique like we were in some form of Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

Just for some more fun there was actually a photographer on board with us. Sure they are there to make money but hey isn’t that what we are all trying to do in life?

A few cheesy photos to add to our collection..

We actually absolutely loved taking silly pictures and getting to know the Turkish pirate and his parrot!

Sometimes life is just about being silly and remembering those random moments that make you laugh.

Polly want a cracker?

After messing around on the top deck we all went below where our BBQ dinner was waiting for us!

It really was a scrumptious dinner made all that more perfect by the romantic setting and uniqueness of it all.

Dining at sea

I’ve done a lot of boat trips. I’ve even done a very expensive one in Hanoi and it wasn’t half as good as this!

I literally cannot recommend this cruise enough. We actually ended up paying for the photographs of us both as we felt we would have happily paid more for the cruise itself had it not been free.

Photograph by Deckiboy Photography

To finish the night, and just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, the boat pulled up to a private beach far away from everything. On the beach there were chairs set up in a circle all around a little bonfire!

The boat played music as we all enjoyed drinks around the fire. I even went for a wander to lie on a rock and listen to the sea. I gazed up at the stars appreciating the moment I will never forget.

This will be a birthday that is hard to top. I’m pretty sure I say that every year though so hopefully if that’s anything to go by.. My 30th should be epic!

One beautiful sunset

I couldn’t have planned a better way to spend my birthday evening and if you ever make it to Oludeniz I recommend you try out a sunset cruise if you like the sound of it.

Pioneer Travel are who organised this sunset cruise. We also did quadbiking and a day trip to Dalyan with them. Stay tuned for posts about these coming soon! Very good value and excellent service on all tours.

Visited Oludeniz in August 2019.


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