Paragliding in Ölüdeniz

If you ever visit Ölüdeniz in Turkey, you will not be able to miss the paragliders. Just look up in the sky from the moment you wake up in the morning until sunset and you will see them!

Can you spot the paragliders above our hotel?

Known for being one of the best spots in the world for paragliding with views of the beautiful Unesco World Heritage site Blue Lagoon. You can even see as far as Rhodes Island in Greece from the top of Babadag Mountain.

Standing up high 6000 feet from the bottom I was about to run off the mountain..

I wasn’t afraid, I was infact relieved. The ride up the mountain in a minibus on what felt like the edge of death road was absolutely terrifying! I hated every minute of it and couldn’t wait to get off. When we finally made it to the top I knew that I had to jump as there was no way I was getting back on that bus! Haha

Babadağ mountain
Babadağ mountain – View from the edge

A brief introduction to my pilot and within 5 minutes we were running off the edge of the mountain and into the sky.

Being so short, I didn’t do much running before my legs were dangling off the ground and then we were off!

We circled the top of the mountain for a while making it a nice long flight in the breeze.

He even kept an eye on my partner so we could fly near each other! You can see him in the distance in the photo below.

The flight was very relaxing with the cool breeze and beautiful views. Once we went out further it got even better.

The pilot asked me if I wanted to do any tricks like spinning and so I did. It was crazy! I felt so dizzy afterwards but it was a lot of fun. Coming in to land I was definitely feeling the spin and as the temperature changed to be very humid as we got closer to the ground I was definitely ready for a bottle of water!

Spinning around

My pilot was absolutely amazing, pointing out locations and taking lots of photos as we flew. I booked with Sky Sports which I’d highly recommend. Whilst they may be a bit higher in price, we knew going with the current #1 on TripAdvisor would have its perks and we would get some good quality photographs and videos out of it.

An experience I’ll never forget and would definitely do again!


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