Who do I fly with?

Because I take so many flights, I often have a problem with remembering who I’ve flown with previously. When it comes to booking a new flight I then struggle to remember who stood out from the rest so I thought it would be a good idea to keep a note.

From 2015 I have been using this page to record a short description of what the flight experience was like just for my own record- it’ll help me remember for future bookings. You can also use this page as a chance for you to see who I’ve flown with previously and ask any questions you might have to help you make your decision on who to fly with.


Manchester-> Rhodes – Easyjet (April 2023)


Leeds-Bradford-> Bucharest – Whizz (March 2023)

Leeds-Bradford-> Lanzarote – Ryanair (November 2022)

Leeds-Bradford-> Girona – Ryanair (October 2022)

Leeds-Bradford-> Madeira – Jet2 (August 2022)

Manchester-> Budapest – Jet2 (March 2022)

Leeds-Bradford-> Gdansk – Ryanair (November 2021)

Manchester-> Barcelona – Easyjet (August 2021)

Leeds -> Palma – Ryanair (September 2020)

Leeds -> Kos – Jet2 (August 2020)

Leeds -> Alicante- Ryanair (February 2020)

Leeds -> Tenerife South – Jet2 (December 2019)

Manchester -> Paphos – EasyJet (November 2019)

Leeds -> Vilnius – Ryanair (October 2019)

Leeds -> Gdansk – Ryanair (September 2019)

Manchester -> Reus – Jet2 (September 2019)

Leeds -> Dalaman – Jet2 (August 2019)

Leeds -> Barcelona – Jet 2 (May ’19)

Manchester-> Kyiv- Ryanair (April ’19)

Nuremberg -> Manchester – Ryanair (September ’18)

Leeds -> Bratislava – Ryanair (August ’18)

Leeds -> Dubrovnik – Jet 2 (August ’18)

Leeds -> Dublin – Ryanair (July ’18)

This flight was already delayed and then once we were on the plane they couldn’t start the plane. Ended up taking off over one hour late. Ryanair also have a habit of allowing you through the gate then having you wait outside or in a queue for a long time until boarding.

Leeds -> Reus – Jet 2 (May ’18)

Good budget airline if you can handle listening to Jess Glynn’s Hold my hand song on repeat!

Leeds -> Gran Canaria – Ryanair (January ’18)

Dubai -> Manchester – Emirates (October ‘17)

Hanoi -> Dubai – Emirates (October ’17)

Ho Chi Minh -> Hanoi – Jetstar (October ’17)

Awful service. Flight was cancelled, didn’t know until we got to the airport. No apology and no explanation why. Waited 6 hours for the next one to find that one then 2 hours delayed. No vouchers offered for compensation. Really poor service.

Dubai -> Bangkok – Emirates (October ’17)

Manchester -> Dubai – Emirates (October ’17)

Really new plane with lots of space and all the latest tech! USB charge and giant individual screens.

London Heathrow -> Leeds – British Airways (September ‘17)

Chicago -> London Heathrow – British Airways (September ’17)

Not a good entertainment system. Very limited and kept crashing. When they restarted it, this took 25 minutes each time! Drink selection was great but they only came round once! After the first time they would come round every so often with a tray of juices only.

Houston -> Chicago – United (August ’17)

Will never forget how accommodating United were in helping us to escape Hurricane Harvey.

Dallas -> Houston – American Airways (August ’17)

Unable to leave the plane due to a lightning storm so stuck in the airport plane bound for 2 hours. Plane got very hot and yet stayed cool in business class.

London -> Dallas – American Airways (August ‘17)

Decent entertainment system but poor choice of drinks. Spirits weren’t free and only cheap wine available complimentary.

Leeds -> London – British Airways (August ‘17)

Leeds -> Ibiza – Ryanair (August ‘17)

Night flights are not great on Ryanair – Tend to be quite noisy and the main light stays on the entire flight even past midnight!
Manchester -> Barcelona – Ryanair (November ‘16)

Manchester -> Berlin – Ryanair (October ‘16)

Leeds -> Pisa – Ryanair (August ‘16)

LA -> Manchester – Thomas Cook (May ‘16)

Poor entertainment for a long haul flight. More to watch if you pay for it.

Hawaii -> LA – Allegiant Air (May ‘16)

Sydney -> Hawaii – JetStar (April ‘16)

Very budget airline for Australia so no meals on board and no entertainment unless you pay seperately.

Singapore -> Sydney – Scoot (March ‘16)

Bangkok -> Singapore – Air Asia (February ‘16)

Bombay -> Bangkok – Jet Airways (February ‘16)

London Heathrow -> Bombay – Jet Airways (February ‘16)

Terrible food and entertainment wasn’t great either. Took my luggage off at Mumbai despite asking me if i’d like it off at Bangkok and me saying yes.

Chicago O’Hare -> Manchester – US Airways (January ’16)

Awful flight. Remind me not to fly long haul with US Airways ever again! No entertainment systems at all and a really old plane. Wasn’t keen at all. Even the wine came out of a cheap bottle and no spirits available!
London Heathrow -> New York JFK – British Airways (December ’15)
Really great flight and I got a free upgrade to Traveller Plus! That included extra legroom, private compartment, free wine on takeoff and free newspaper plus food menu before departure.
Athens -> Brussels – Ryanair (November ’15)
Manchester -> Athens – EasyJet (November ‘15)
London -> Denpasar, Bali – Garuda Indonesia (Aug ‘15)
Not overly keen on the food… Nobody wants to eat rice for breakfast.

Oslo -> Manchester – SAS (June ’15)

Riga -> Oslo – RyanAir (June ’15)
Manchester -> Tallinn- RyanAir (June ‘15)
Leeds -> Riga – RyanAir (March ‘15)

Leeds -> Geneva – EasyJet (Jan ‘15)

Geneva -> Leeds – Jet2 (Jan ‘15)

Paris -> Manchester – Air France (Sept ‘14)

Koh Samui -> Bangkok – Bangkok Airways (Sept ‘14)

Loved this airline. Definitely felt very boutique..Treated like a princess!

Amsterdam -> Bangkok – KLM (Aug ‘14)

Manchester -> Rome – RyanAir (June ‘14)

Manchester -> Dublin – RyanAir (Feb ‘14)
Leeds -> Prague – Jet2 (Nov ‘13)

Orlando -> Charlotte – US Airways (Oct ‘13)

Chicago -> Philadelphia – United (Sept ‘13)

San Diego -> San Francisco – United (May ‘13)

New York -> LA – Virgin America (May ‘13)

London -> New York – Virgin Atlantic (May ‘13)

Leeds -> Malaga – Jet2 (Dec ‘12)

Manchester -> Las Vegas – Virgin Atlantic (Nov ‘12)

Manchester -> New York – KLM (Aug ‘11)

Manchester -> Orlando – British Airways (May ‘10)