Sun, sand and a lot of cocktails – I am in Turkey!

For the first time in my life I’ve travelled to Turkey to spend my birthday somewhere new.

We were meant to be in Canada which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before but things didn’t quite go to plan so a snap decision landed us in the beautiful Olu Deniz! We landed yesterday and spent the rest of the day hanging by the pool as it is so hot out here.

I will write some posts about places I recommend once I get home but when I’m away I always like to write a bit of a personal diary whilst it’s fresh in my mind. It’s nice to look back on and reminds me of the things I want to remember πŸ™‚

So on our first day here, today we ventured to the Blue Lagoon for a swim and a relaxing day of doing literally nothing at all.

We found ourselves at S3 Seahorse Beach Club where we ended up spending the entire day! For just 30 Lira each you get access to a private beach, any sun lounger or bed you would like aswell as a parasol and use of the showers, changing rooms and toilets. Not bad for only Β£4!

The cocktails here were absolutely fab too, cheaper than our hotel in Oludeniz but much better choice and a great setting to enjoy them in too.

We were here so long we ended up witnessing a beach wedding which looked beautiful. We also got to enjoy the sunset together as we sipped frozen cocktails from a log ❀️ Yes you heard right… A log.

What more could one ask for? Perhaps maybe this frozen cocktail we had later at Mojito Bar?

Definitely spoilt for choice in this land of great cocktails.. Can’t wait to taste even more on my birthday tomorrow πŸ˜‰

What a special first day here with a lot more excitement to come I’m sure!

Although a perfect start to the holiday I must say..

Sunset at Seahorse Beach, Blue Lagoon, Turkey
Sunset at Seahorse Beach, Blue Lagoon, Turkey


  1. Turkey looks fabulous but were you really on a cocktail tasting trip? They look immense and pretty cheap. Too good to resist eh?


    • Oh yes I definitely had my fair share of different cocktails! Unfortunately they were actually a lot more expensive than I would have liked. I’ll be blogging about Turkey prices soon as it was definitely not what I was expecting! Lol

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