Another weekend, another destination

Today I’m in Poland!

I know it probably seems like 2 seconds ago I was in Spain, which is kind of true.. But this weekend I am in Gdansk.

I’m visiting the city for the first time as my mum has just moved out here!

I’ve only been here less than an hour so not many photographs taken yet! I’m sure there will be many to come as I explore a new city. Anywhere you recommend I visit whilst I’m here?

Last weekend, whilst in Salou, I finally walked the Cami De Ronda and I’ve yet to write about it. I have so many photographs from the hike and it was amazing so I can’t wait to share my experience!

At the start of this month, I was in Turkey. I wrote heaps of content about my experiences over there and I’ve yet to publish it. So stay tuned for my posts if you’re interested in hearing about the country.

I’d also like to share some beautiful pictures I took on my plane journey over here. I thought they were pretty so I just wanted to pop them on here..

Good ol’ Yorkshire..

I love being in the sky just for this ❀️

Welcome to Poland..

I’m only in Gdansk for 2 days so if you can think of anything I just need to do then let me know! Although I’m sure I’ll be back again in the future..


  1. Are doing some sort of weird tour of Europe Sophie? Sounds like you’re really getting around. Brilliant. Love the plane photos.


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