A trip to Salou… Again!

You probably read my post about traveling parts of Costa Dorada when I visited back in May. I thought it would be my only visit this year but of course we couldn’t resist going back before the end of the season!

So here I am in Salou, Spain again for a few days. One cheeky getaway before we hit winter.

I arrived yesterday and the weather could not have been more perfect! Not a cloud in the sky. If anything, even perhaps a little too hot…

Greeting you at Reus airport, look at that sky!

This time we are staying at a different hotel than we normally stay at. We´ve opted for full board rather than all inclusive and I must say, we are totally regretting our decision. This 4* beautiful hotel would be perfect for a couples getaway. But for two friends wanting to visit Spain just to drink all day and go out partying, it’s just not quite right for that! On the plus side they do offer some delicious cocktails..

Cocktails at H10 Salauris Palace

So far we’ve just been enjoying the sunshine and I even had to buy a little bottle of coconut oil because I didn’t want to burn! Think I was a little too optimistic with that idea…

Salou Beach
Salou Beach

Rain, rain go away, come back another day..

After a sizzling day at the beach yesterday, I walked a little bit of the Cami De Ronda. I wrote about this here back in May also and always said I wanted to revisit it to make it all the way to the lighthouse. So that is my plan! Unfortunately I’ve been hit by my terrible luck which involves..RAIN. Lots of grey skies and rain. So whilst it was beautiful and appealing yesterday with the blue skies and sunshine; i’m not sure it will be the same today.

Cami De Ronda, Salou coastal path
Cami De Ronda, Salou coastal path

Since I have no other plans besides hitting the pubs in the evening, I will likely just brave it in the rain at some point as i’m feeling up for a good hike. We might just have to wait until next year for some beautiful photographs like the one I took yesterday..

Salou coastal path

Wish me luck and sunshine!




  1. Looks beautiful Sophie, shame about the rain but once you’ve had a couple of cocktails you will have completely forgotten all about it I’m sure. Don’t behave yourself!!!


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