‘Boss Blogger’ and all that other nonsense..

I have been blogging for over 10 years now and in blogging world that’s a long time. In fact in blogging world I have literally got nowhere.

I have barely any followers, I don’t make any money whatsoever and I have very little engagement on my blog. In blogging world I am a total failure but because I have the right skill set I have the capability of making something of myself.

Great! Or is it?

I recently saw a tweet that got me thinking.

Being a blogger is all about being completely motivated & wanting to make it big or deciding to quit forever.


Wow. What a load of toss!

What happened to blogging for fun? For yourself and nobody else? When did it all become about being some form of online celebrity?

I reached out to a few of you recently for advice. I currently use WordPress.com on just a personal plan. I was thinking about moving across to .org and trying to reach out to more people to increase my followers and hopefully have more people reading.

After speaking to a few of you it became apparent that not only do you not really need to move to .org in order to gain engagement. You don’t have to pay all this money to have a blog that people like to read. Not only that, but it occurred to me I’d lost sight of why I started blogging in the first place.

It began in 2009 where I set up a simple diary on Tumblr to talk about my adventures. I moved to America and wanted my family to be able to read about what I was up to. They were simple posts, nothing exciting, just about what I did each day. I called it my travel journal.

It gained a few followers – people who had travelled to similar places. I blogged for around 3 people that were important to me and knowing they were reading it made me happy.

Now I write more recommendation posts and reviews and gain slightly more engagement. But I write less about myself and a daily journal as such so it is not as easy to write.

After debating over several days what to do with my blog and how to make money I came to the conclusion.. I am not that person.

I will not be told what buzz words I need to include in posts, what I need to write about to gain followers and how my posts need to look.

I write honest reviews, no sponsorship and choose the content I want to publish! I go wherever I want and say whatever I want without having to think about it.

A brief few days of following ‘fellow’ bloggers on Twitter made me realise how the blogging community is not the blogging community I want to be a part of. Constant spamming of my feed about how I can make money, how I can gain 100 followers a day. Nonsense!

I blog for me. I blog for the people I know personally. I blog for the few readers that regularly comment. I blog for the jetsetter who has just done a quick google search on a destination. I blog for the Yorkshireman who’s trying to find a dog friendly pub.

And that’s the way I like it πŸ˜‰

I think I might go back to my roots and start posting some more diary like entries when I’m away. Its quick and easy to write yet great to look back on in a few years time as I remember my adventures.

So, I’d love to ask..

Why do you blog?


  1. That tweet is the most ridiculous statement ever, you’ve got it right Sophie. Everyone should just be themselves and blog honestly I think. If people like your stuff then great, if they don’t then they don’t have to read do they? Love the way you blog, very real and very you. Hopefully our blog has the same feel.


    • Yes it definitely does, I love reading your posts! And my blood was boiling after seeing that tweet haha it inspired me to write this post then unfollow all the silly bloggers on Twitter trying to triple their followers!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Totally agree – I don’t care about how many people are following me and I definitely can’t be arsed with faffing round with buzz words and SEO! I write in the style that I like and about topics that I feel like. Keep writing about what you love! πŸ™‚


    • Exactly and to quite honest, that is the way it should always be! Unfortunately when money is involved, people will always try to do what it takes to make it lol it is fair enough I suppose if you can make money doing something you love then great but I do believe it stops being something you love once you start doing that.. Haha


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