Traditional Sunday roast at The Beulah, Pudsey

I’m always writing about the local foods I try in different countries. I have some amazing meals whilst I travel but it’s easy to forget about those just as tasty in our home country! It’s time to give England some attention.

This weekend I really fancied a good Sunday roast, which is rare for me. Despite being from Yorkshire, I rarely crave this food. Of course I love it, but I much prefer my spice so give me Indian and Mexican any day!

A good roast dinner is one of those meals that you genuinely miss when you’re away from home. Living in America for a few months, eating nothing but fast food, honestly I could have killed for some mashed potatoes and broccoli! On a weekend lunchtime, more specifically a Sunday… It has to be done.

So today we headed for the pub around the corner from our new home. After saying ‘we should go soon’ for the past 6 months I felt now was the perfect time whilst the sun was shining!

The Beulah is located on the outskirts of Pudsey in West Yorkshire. Pudsey is just outside of the city of Leeds and is a small historic market town. A car is definitely recommended as it is up quite a steep hill making it a peaceful location overlooking beautiful Yorkshire views.

The menu is well varied and I was even tempted by some of the other dishes on offer! But it seemed a crime not to order a roast on a sunny Sunday so that’s exactly what I did.

We sat outside on this rare sunny day in England. I can imagine the pub would normally offer far reaching views in winter but with the trees all leafy we couldn’t look down in to the valley. We did however get to admire the horses by the stables behind me! Will definitely need to return in the future to see if I’m right about the view.

We didn’t book so we were quite surprised to have a good pick of tables to choose from. Perhaps it was because we arrived around 4pm, which isn’t the most popular time to eat, however they serve food right up until 6pm.. Perfect!

We chose the chicken liver pate starter served with onion chutney. Very tasty and a good portion size to share too.

The main was of course the Sunday roast, I opted for the rare beef and Dec went for pork. A very good roast dinner with a plump Yorkshire pudding and delicious gravy. We all know how important those puddings are to us Yorkshire folk!

Finishing with a sticky toffee pudding that was so superb I couldn’t share it with Dec. I ate almost the entire thing to myself because it was too mourish!

Β£17.95 for 3 courses I felt was very reasonable as eating out is quite expensive these days in England. For a nice setting, a table in the sun and quality food it was well worth the cost.

The decor inside the pub was very unique and we will definitely be heading there for an evening meal one day I’m sure.

There is even little trinkets sold inside as it doubles up as a shop! It reminded me of some of the pretty little inns you find dotted around Suffolk.

So check out The Beulah if you fancy a treat, you won’t be disappointed

I want to get out and about to more local pubs and restaurants in Yorkshire over the coming months. Can you recommend any?


  1. One pub I particularly like is the craven & cruck barn in Appletreewick. Lots of nicknaks on display, a roaring fire, a bar stool that Linda grey who played Sue Ellen in Dallas once sat on ( very random!) , Pics of inspiring women in the ladies ( not sure what’s in the men’s!), really good food and ales and very dog friendly. X


    • Just had a little look, will definitely have to check it out next time I’m up in the dales! I do love good little cosey pubs, especially need a bigger list of ones I can take my dog to! Thanks πŸ™‚


  2. How did you manage to scoff all that food? Looked amazingly delicious though so why not? Love a good sunday roast especially in a great English pub, can’t beat it.


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