So Beau: Making the most of what is left of 2019

It’s been a jam packed year so far with travels to the eye opening Chernobyl and Kyiv in Ukraine.

Then I took my annual trip to Salou with my friends before jetting off most recently to Turkey for the first time (Still a lot more to post about that trip).

I even bought a house this year! Click on the links to read more about my year so far if you haven’t already.

So now as we slowly enter Autumn and the countdown to Christmas begins I’m very excited to share with you the plans I have for the rest of 2019!

Somehow I’ve managed to squeeze in a whopping 5 mini breaks in between now and Christmas and I’m rather excited to have so much to look forward to.

I’m very lucky to be able to experience four very different types of holidays too, so here is what I’m talking about…

Travel with friends

Just next week I will be jetting off again as my best friend and I pop back to Salou! We couldnt resist another trip there before the end of the year. It’s addictive! Maybe this time I’ll finally make it to the lighthouse as I walk the coastal path again.

Solo travel

So it’s been a while since I last travelled on my own and stayed in a hostel. In fact it was precisely a year ago when I went backpacking around Austria.

So I’m excited to go out to Poland for 2 nights this month. The main reason being that my mum has just moved to Gdansk! I’ve never been before but looking forward to a little city break for a couple of days.

Cycling around Krakow in Poland in 2015

Travel with my partner

Perhaps my favourite kind of travel. In this sad rat race life surprisingly my partner and I get to spend a whopping 7 days together this year and that was in Turkey. It will likely be the most amount of time we get to spend together until we retire!

So we are squeezing in two more trips before the end of the year. In October we head to Lithuania for 3 nights! We loved Ukraine so much we figured we’d head back to this part of the world again. I also loved Latvia and Estonia when I visited back in 2014 so I’m looking forward to getting to the country I didn’t get chance to visit last time.

Tallinn, Estonia

Last year we went to Winter Wonderland in London for the weekend. I absolutely loved it so we are going again this year. Really looking forward to a few nights in London to celebrate Christmas since I will be working most days this year!

Buckingham Palace – London

Travel with family

It’s been 5 years since me and my dad last went on holiday together. We took a trip to Malta in 2014. This time we are going away again for a winter break to a country I’ve never been to before – Cyprus.

We fly in to Paphos in November and have yet to plan anything for places we’d like to visit. Do you have any suggestions? We have a whopping 5 nights to explore so I’m sure we can cram in plenty.

Me and dad in Malta in 2014

So that’s my 2019 when it comes to travel and what I have in store for the rest of the year! Do you have any tips for any of the places I’m going to?

Salou, Gdansk, London, Paphos and Vilnius are all on the agenda and any recommendations are aways handy for me!


  1. Wow, five trips before Christmas. Pretty impressive Sophie. Loads of great mini-adventures there. Love the sound of Gdansk, Vilnius and Paphos as never been to any of those. You should look at the Christmas Market in Krakow for next year if you love Winter Wonderland, it would be right up your street.


    • Yes I’m very lucky to be able to fit them in during days off at work! I’ve also gone for cheap mini breaks so I’m not breaking the bank haha. Ooh I’ll have a look at those markets! Definitely since my mum is there permanently now I should be able to visit over Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nothing wrong with cheap, always the best way to go. We’d love to see more of Poland ourselves as really liked Krakow.


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