4 nights in Kiev, Ukraine

I recently hopped on a plane to go as far East as possible without leaving Europe. I landed in the capital city of Kyiv in Ukraine and that’s where I spent 4 nights for my first city break of 2019!

Despite it raining 3 out of 4 of the days I was there, I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and even tried to stay longer! Unfortunately all the flights home were full so I couldn’t change it but perhaps one day I’ll return to visit the places I didn’t quite manage to stop at.

So here’s a few of the things I did and where I would recommend you visit if you plan to journey to Kyiv sometime.

Landscape Alley

Perhaps one of my favourite places in Kiev, a quirky little hidden gem.

Located in the centre so not hard to find, this place is free and just a collection of mosaic sculptures dotted around a park ready for you to climb and admire as you wish!

There are also some really cool features here as you walk around the park you’ll notice unusual benches and pieces of art dotted around the place.

Keep your eyes peeled or you might miss them. I especially loved the rainbow shower – the featured image at the top of this blog post!

St. Michael’s Golden-Domed MonasteryI

I think the most impressive building to admire in Kiev. You can visit here for free and enter the inside too.

Independence Square

This pays tribute to lives lost in this very spot. There is a memorial here and they are currently in the process of turning an entire road in to a memorial walk. Worth visiting during the day but if you get chance definitely visit at night.

After dark the water fountains light up and start to dance!

Loud music surrounds the place and the water is synchronised with it! I absolutely loved this special feature here.

St Andrews Church

This place looks pretty cool towering over Kiev.

Arsenalna Station

You might pass through here and not think twice about it..

But this is actually the deepest Metro station in the world! It takes nearly 5 minutes just to reach the bottom via the escalators.

Motherland Statue

This took a fair bit of walking to reach from where we got off the Metro. The sun finally came out and was blazing down on us. It made this beautiful sculpture look even better!

There is so much more to do in Kiev than what I’ve featured here. Be sure to check out the Golden Gate where you’ll find places to eat and numerous things to admire.

There are small sculptures dotted all around the city and quirky animals you can look out for!

Be sure to check out St Sophia’s Cathedral and up by the Motherland Statue there are museums and Pechersk Lavra which we sadly didn’t have enough time for.

Despite us having 4 nights in Kiev we just didn’t have quite enough time! With Chernobyl taking away a day I’d recommend a little longer in Kiev if you plan to visit there also. Just one extra day I think would have been perfect.

Nevertheless we had plenty to keep us going and I’d recommend Kiev to anyone!

Kiev at Sunset

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