Highlights of my summer Eurotrip – Slovakia, Austria & Germany

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I returned from my little 2 week Eurotrip through central Europe.

I had my ups and downs out there (mostly due to the terrible weather) but overall I visited some truly unforgettable places

I’ve already been thinking about when I might be able to revisit!

I spent 3 nights in Bratislava, 3 nights in Vienna, 4 nights in Salzburg, 2 nights in Munich and 1 night in Nuremberg.

It’s difficult to pinpoint which was my favourite destination because I enjoyed different aspects of all the places! Even the unexpected places I found more to do than I’d have ever imagined.

So now it’s time to look back on my highlights!


What an absolutely fantastic unexpected little gem. I visited Bratislava because it was the cheapest airport to fly to but I never expected to fall in love with a city so much. Originally when I booked to stay here 3 nights I started to think perhaps I was spending too long here but as soon as I arrived I knew i’d have plenty to keep me busy!

It was such a quirky city with so many things to look at, very arty and I felt completely safe here. Hostel Blues was an awesome hostel to stay in and actually I would go back to Bratislava in a heartbeat! More about my trip here below.

3 nights in Bratislava, Slovakia

Admiring Bratislava Castle

The local food of Slovakia

My three favourite things about Bratislava:

  1. Bratislava Castle during the day and at night!
  2. The quirky statues dotted around the city
  3. The artistic and unique streets and beautiful architecture
Looking out on Bratislava from the castle


Now Vienna was such a massive bust for me because it did not stop raining! I didn’t have anything in mind for my time there so before I knew it was going to be a wet weekend I had planned to just wander around aimlessly and relax.

Unfortunately I could no longer do that, so besides the usual free walking tour, I attempted to visit as many of the ‘tourist spots’ I could whilst dodging the storm.

I’d go back here just purely because I definitely did not get to see everything. I also didn’t really enjoy my time here either as I missed out on a lot of what I believe the city has to offer.

I stayed at Wombat’s which has a very good walking tour lead by a very enthusiastic guide.

I still managed to do enough to give me something to write about so check out my posts if you’re interested in Vienna:

3 nights in Vienna, Austria

The stunning Schönbrunn Palace

Vienna : The city of music?

Eating out in Vienna

My three favourite things about Vienna:

  1. The graffiti-ed canal bank making for a very arty scene
  2. The food! Really enjoyed tasting the original Sacher Torte
  3. The Schönbrunn Palace – One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen
Looking out on the gardens from Schönbrunn Palace


The place that has been at the top of my wish list for Europe for many years! I finally got to fulfill my dream and head to this beautiful little city in the West of Austria. I stayed at Yoho International Hostel which was a really great place to stay!

I knew I wanted to cycle around the city – which I did. I knew I wanted to see all the filming locations of The Sound of Music – which I also did. I did not know that I would be presented with so many beautiful hiking trails and far too much choice of day trips!

Unfortunately again it was raining so I couldn’t do as much as I would have liked but I made the most of my four days in the city and had an amazing time. I would revisit here no doubt about it! I took two day trips during my time here, one to Mondsee and one to Berchtesgaden.

I’ve not yet written my guide to Salzburg as I did far too much there however I did write a few pieces about the place whilst I was out there and some of the day trips you can do so please have a read if you’re thinking of visiting Salzburg!

Salzburg.. I finally made it!

One very wet day in Salzburg

The local food of Austria

I just climbed a mountain!

Hiking Kapuzinerberg

The hills are alive…

Cycling around the world – Salzburg

My three favourite things about Salzburg:

  1. The unbelievable amount of awesome hiking spots and mountains! Especially Mt Gaisberg
  2. The feel of the city and all the culture of old town
  3. How easy it is to cycle around the city with all it’s cycle paths and beautiful routes
Leopoldskron Palace


Posting about this one separately as it was a day trip from Salzburg and technically it’s in Germany! Located in Bavaria surrounded by beautiful mountains I popped over here from Salzburg on a local bus very easily. This was a wonderful day trip where I got to hike up to the Eagles Nest and back down again. I then visited Lake Konigssee the same day which was also beautiful.

Another place I would revisit especially for more time at Konigssee! Read about my time here on my previous blog posts:

A trip to The Eagles Nest in Bavaria, Germany

The beautiful Lake Königssee

Königssee & Eagles Nest in one day – DIY

Lake Königssee


I only had 2 nights here but it was enough to see a good chunk of the city. What I liked about Munich was the busy exciting atmosphere here. There seemed to be a lot going on and it was very different to being in Austria! I stayed at another Wombats hotel with a cracking bar and buffet breakfast.

I would definitely go back here and next time taste some of the local beers! Read about what I got up to in these posts:

2 nights in Munich, Germany

Munich : Land of the bäckerei

Final destination : Germany

My three favourite things about Munich:

  1. All the yummy Bretzels! Mmm nobody does it better.
  2. The very pretty town square – Marienplatz – Where there was always something going on
  3. The atmosphere, especially where there is beer involved! The park was a great place for this too


Final destination on my Eurotrip was one last night in Nuremberg. I didn’t know much about the place and in fact I was only travelling here to catch my flight home. But before I booked to stay one night here I was going to spend no time here at all, it was only due to a quick Google search that I decided I should book a night. I stayed at Five Reasons Hostel & Hotel.

Nuremberg was another little gem with way more to do here than I ever anticipated. Not only did I manage to catch a free walking tour as soon as I arrived to show me around the city but I also happened to be there on the day of the flee markets. The streets were jampacked with people and things going on. I loved it!

Besides visiting the castle and admiring the beautiful streets here I also found a large park and relaxed in the sun for one last time before the end of my trip. Walking back I managed to catch  Burggrabenfest Nürnberg which was a huge medieval festival! It made for such a great last night of my trip!

And you guessed it.. I would return here! Especially during December where they have Christmas markets and I can imagine this city being beautifully festive.

Only just noticed I didn’t blog about my time in Nuremberg which is a shame! So I will definitely have to publish a write up soon enough! Stay tuned.

My three favourite things about Nuremberg:

  1. It’s a very small historical city that has very beautiful architecture with a medieval feel especially around the castle
  2. Far reaching parks with beautiful walks alongside the Pegnitz river
  3. The ‘marriage’ fountain – Ehekarussell
Pegnitz river – Nuremberg

I’ve never been on a trip to so many places that I would love to revisit!

I don’t ever like to go to the same place twice as there are so many new places to explore in the world! But there are a number of reasons I’d revisit these beautiful cities and I hope to in the near future. If I had to pick a favourite it would be a close call between Bratislava, Nuremberg and Salzburg which funnily enough are the smaller historical cities.

Do you know any other cities similar to these? Post your recommendations in the comments and I’ll be sure to have a look! I’m always looking for inspiration for my next adventures.





  1. A great trip that I enjoyed following. You did so much in a fairly short time didn’t you? So many fabulous places in Austria and Germany to visit.


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